Proximity by Freshchat

Reimagine how you connect with prospects and customers

Messaging has made communication with prospects & customers personalized and proactive. But, it has not been perfect.

With Proximity:

i) Go beyond text: Use video + audio to convert leads and retain users

ii) Go beyond your website/app: Engage with leads and users on popular messaging apps where they spend most of their time

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Hello, Product Hunters! We're back with a new update - It's called Proximity. Proximity is a suite of capabilities from Freshchat that are built to bring you closer to your prospects and customers. Messaging has made communication for businesses personalised, proactive, and contextual. But, it is not perfect. Here is the problem: As a business, we're most often in a long distance + short term relationship with our leads and users. 1) We engage with them in one-off scenarios — when they visit our website and app 2) We communicate via fragmented tools, and 3) We employ mediums that makes us and them feel like we're miles away With Proximity, we're attempting to solving all of this through the medium of messaging. While Proximity in its literal sense means physical closeness or nearness to people, for us it's much more than that. It means being involved and present in your prospect's and customer's everyday experiences as they go about their business without having to deal with the company. It also means employing suitable channels that brings the business more closer to their customers for better connections and long-term relationships. The features under the first phase of the Proximity suite includes CoBrowsing, Seamless integration with Facebook Messenger, Chrome plugin to help you sell and support from anywhere. We've many more industry-first updates right around the corner. We'd love to know what you think. :)
The other messaging app is.... WhatsApp?