View Instagram profile pictures in full size

Profy is an instagram profile pic viewer for Android devices. It lets you view Instagram profile pictures in full size using the username of the Instagram user.

* You do not have to login to the Instagram account in order to see the profile picture.

* View photo in full resolution.

* Open the profile of the user directly from the app itself.

Thanks for hunting @akshaythp @mendiratta_20 this is a fun project, what inspired you to start working on this? Any plans to release an iOS version soon?
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@akshaythp @mendiratta_20 @abadesi you can copy profile image URL and change s150x150 to l960x960 :)
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@akshaythp @mendiratta_20 @abadesi @mikekosulin You can just change the "s" to "m" to get the image in actual size. For example: 'm150x150'
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@abadesi Thank you. An idea came to me when I was looking for the way to view and download my Instagram profile picture. I thought that other users might be facing the same issue while viewing their own picture or others. So I started with the Android app which is free to download and also Ads free. As of now we have not planned for the iOS version. But we may look for it soon.
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@abadesi @mikekosulin @dayaldave this method is not working now. As Instagram has made some changes, so changing from "s" to "m" doesn't give you actual size.
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@akshay_thapliyal Oh.. that's sad...!!! Thanks for the info.
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