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Check how close your product is to Product/Market fit

#2 Product of the DayDecember 04, 2019
Determine whether your product is good enough to drive sustainable, scalable customer growth with this PMF survey tool.
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Please welcome the product that will help you determine whether your product is good enough to drive sustainable, scalable customer growth. (Product / Market fit survey by Sean Ellis) developed in collaboration with GoPractice, is a survey tool designed to give you an objective metric of how close are you to Product / Market fit, that removes emotion from the scaling decision while also giving the important qualitative information about your product. If you want to learn more about how can help you improve your product and reach product/market fit, take a look at this article from the CEO of Superhuman Rahul Vohra, where he describes an algorithm that his team used to drive product decisions at Superhuman on the way to product/market fit and $260M valuation. PMFsurvey: - Works in 6 languages: The language of the survey is automatically selected based on the user’s language. - Allows you to track the metrics’ changes between different versions of your product in dynamics. - Provides you with advanced filters and tools to analyze the results of your survey. PMFsurvey was built by Sean Ellis (an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor) and GoPractice (the creators of Simulator by GoPractice! – a unique online interactive educational product that will help you learn how to use data to build and grow products.) Go and try PMFsurvey yourself! It’s free and easy to use.
@lohmatyi312 This looks interesting but I'm not sure why I'd use this instead of a Google form or TypeForm?
@alxcnwy Hey Alex, there are a few reasons for that: 1) it will take just one minute to launch this type of survey with PMFsurvey. With GoogleForms you will have to create the survey from scratch. 2) PMFsurvey is translated in all major languages. So if you have users from around the world you won’t have to do translations. 3) PMFsurvey provides cool features to analyze results: you can easily segment users based on their answers and see where your product creates maximum value. In other tools you will have to download the dataset and do all that manually.
@lohmatyi312 Interesting, thanks for the reply! Handling different languages on Google forms is a major headache so that's definitely a key selling point...
@alxcnwy @lohmatyi312 Quick question: 2) So does that mean it auto-translates everything I write? In that case should I be worried about robotic-use-of-language? 3) I think this is the selling point of this product. I will give it a shot to see. However something keeps bothering me: How are you going to price it? People will use this product only once or twice before their app is launched, so the potential of recurring usage might not be... high?
@alxcnwy @lohmatyi312 @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Hi Alan, the survey is standardized around a specific set of questions. Currently this set of questions is available in 6 languages. So the convenient part is that it detects the language settings on the browser and presents the questions in the right language. We are not planning to charge for this product. is based on a set of questions that I developed over ten years ago to help me determine when a product is ready to take it to market. I used these questions to help bring several products to market that have reached multibillion-dollar valuations. provides an objective measure so you know exactly when you can scale growth for your product and remove some of the emotions that often cloud judgment around this critical decision. The survey also provides qualitative insights to help you better understand your product/market fit so you can fully leverage it in your efforts to scale growth. Working with the GoPractice team, we’ve created to make it very easy to launch and analyze this survey and provide you with all of the resources needed to hone in on your product/market fit. I’m particularly excited about the automatic language detection/translation into 6 languages. So whatever language your survey recipients speak, there is a good chance that the questions will automatically appear in their local language. I look forward to your feedback and questions.
@seanellis Hey Sean, I see that is no longer up. Did you build this because that tool is no longer available?
@to Hey Trevor, yes that was definitely part of it. Unfortunately, when we sold Qualaroo to a private equity firm they insisted on getting all of our survey assets so we needed to include And then they eventually killed I actually think PMFSurvey is a significant improvement over, particularly with the automatic language detection for survey recipients. But we've also consolidated a lot more learning and resources around the survey.
Looks great! What are your thoughts on how to choose the audience for the survey? Giving it to a highly engaged cohort will surely show different results then giving it to all new users. And when you give it to new users, probably only the most motivated ones will take it. So my question is: when to use this survey and how do you control for the environment?
@dmitry_zaryuta Dmitry, that's a great question. I don't think there is a right answer to it, but let me share my thoughts. I would send this survey to new users who experienced the core value of the product. These are the users who can help you understand if your product has pmf. If you see that these users see a lot of value in your product – then it's time to focus on optimizing the onboarding flow. Your goal would be to make sure that all of new users experience the core value. Alternatively, if you have problems with the core value – it makes sense to focus on it first. It is also important to make sure that the method of recruiting users and the method of conducting research stays the same for different versions of the product. This will allow you to compare the metric in different versions and track its dynamics.
@dmitry_zaryuta I recommend a random sample of people who have reached your core product experience at least twice and have used it in the last couple of weeks. That's the criteria that I used in setting the 40% benchmark.
Nice Touch! Does it work for products that has just released their MVP and doesn't have a rich customer base to answer the survey?
@mahshidhdi it does! check out this discussion where Sean previously replied to a similar question
@mahshidhdi Thank you for your nice words, Mahsid! Hope you found the answer to the small customer base. Let me know if not and I will help you with this one :)
@alt_nataliya @Oleg Thanks Oleg and Natalia, yeah I found it! :)
I like the idea behind it and wish it works. I'll test it on my next product.
@rajool cool, thanks! would love to hear your feedback
@rajool thanks, Ali! Agreed with Oleg - would be great to get your feedback :)