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Do you want to make better decisions and grow your product faster? This unique interactive Simulator will help you learn how to use data to build and grow products. Get ready for hands-on experience working on a product to make data-driven decisions.
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Hey Product Hunters! Spoiler: there is a 10% launch discount link at the end of the comment! Also, feel free to let us know via if you’d like to test a free trial. It’s Oleg from GoPractice. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of Simulator, a unique interactive educational product that will help you learn how to use data to build and grow products. There are many courses that teach you to work with data using different tools, visualize data, etc. But none of them teach you to recognize typical product and growth problems and solve them with the help of data. That is what Simulator is about. We launched Simulator one year ago, and as of today, we have more than 4,000 happy students. Our alumni come from companies like Facebook, Uber, Booking, King, Wargaming, Google, and much more. It is not an ordinary course. It is an actual Simulator: * You join an ambitious startup and play a key role in a fascinating story. * You work with real product data using the Amplitude analytics platform and other tools. * You make data-driven and data-informed decisions that impact the story. * You solve real-life problems, make mistakes and receive personalized content and feedback based on your answers. * You explore dozens of case studies of well-known companies to see how the presented concepts worked in other products. The story in the Simulator is fictional, but inspired from my personal experience working on products that were acquired by Facebook and Google (MSQRD and Dialogflow), making award-winning games (King of Thieves and CATS, with over 170 million downloads), and bringing new products to market in top tech companies (Workplace by Facebook). While Simulator might look like a game, under the hood is a rich educational curriculum that will take you through over 200 product and growth cases. It will take ~40-60 hours to complete Simulator. Simulator is designed for the following: * Junior- and mid-level product and growth practitioners who want to accelerate their career * Companies and product teams that want to implement data-driven and experimentational culture * People in tech who want to develop skills to get a product or growth position Just like watching basketball matches won’t make you a basketball player, lectures alone and studying frameworks won’t be enough to make you a master of growth. That is why we created Simulator, to give you a chance to learn through practice, get real skills and experience while avoiding the costs of real-life mistakes. Happy to answer any questions here or you can reach me directly at May the data be with you, Go Practice! P.S. Here is a special offer for Product Hunt community: * 10% discount on Simulator (valid until October 25) * And a free access to the first four chapters! Let us know you want it in the comments below or drop us a line at
@gopractice @lohmatyi312 Hi Oleg, You mentioned access to the first chapters, but I don't see anywhere to access any of the content before purchasing?
GoPractice! is a really slick way to level up your product management skills. I particularly love the data-informed approach the Simulator teaches to product managers. If you're working on Product, check GoPractice! out because you'll learn a thing or two.
One of the greatest online studying products out there! Takes you straight to practice=D Overall, it's really helping you focus on practical things and understand what data-driven means, as well as levels you up at analytics, tests, user experience, etc. Even if you don’t know what it is like being a product manager, yet you are determined to find out, you’ll need Simulator for sure :blush:
Thank you so much for your support! Really appreciated. Thrilled to see happy alumni here
@new_user_26046a8ef8 Thanks, Daniil! Your support means a lot to the team :)
I’ve heard very positive reviews on this course from multiple product managers I know. If you are a product person, you should definitely check Simulator out!
@myakov Thanks for the support! Means a lot
@myakov thanks a lot! :)
Simply put? This is the best product course you can do. Even as an experienced PM, the way its built and so data focused is well worth doing
@lea_sam Thanks Lea! That's really nice to hear :)