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hey, all! As the community’s grown, so has the diversity of things submitted. We just launched Topics, a new way to discover and share things on Product Hunt. There’s a topic for Drones, Slack, Health and Fitness, Emojis (😁), Pranking (one of my favorites), Dating, Cats (of course) and even Trump. Each Topic is curated by the community so they’re up-to-date and comprehensive. While Collections are awesome (fun fact: you’ve all created more than 95k collections, curating over 500k products, games, books, and podcasts 😱) and still very useful, we found that people created a collection for the same thing and often they wouldn’t stay updated. Topics are curated by everyone and to avoid duplicates, there can only be one Virtual Reality Topic, for example. We’re starting with 300 Topics and will soon be adding more that you suggest. Explore and follow you favorites here and let us know what Topics you’d like to see created. Super excited to see how this evolves. 😊 P.S. Nice overview from Buzzfeed's @Kantrowitz here.
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@rrhoover woohoo 👯
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@rrhoover This is a great addition! Obvious question, when is this data going to be available in the API? 🚀 Oh and can I suggest a "Product Hunt" topic 😀
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@rrhoover This is great, I love the random Topics, like socks and alarm clocks 😀
@rrhoover this is perfect! This is exactly what I was doing with my collection AirTech (aviation) and many other collections I've seen act the same way. Thank you for this great update!!
@rrhoover Definitely want to see FashTech as well! Loving this added functionality.
A major problem for PH is that the quality of products that show up on the frontpage has fallen dramatically. Not surprising that many of the old schoolers and hardcore users don't visit the site anymore and consume PH in other ways. Topics helps to organize all of these generic products so hopefully you find the one you want. However, it also invites the "growth" marketers which were already turning PH into a cesspool of products, not the place to discover them. For one reason or another DJ Khaled is a default topic. Stuff like this means people will think that they need to create another generic DJ Khaled product and the cycle repeats itself. PH used to be a place that encouraged people to create greats things and now has just turned into a place to build things that might do well on PH for a day and then disappear the next. I know Topics seems like a good idea on the outset, but I think it's just inviting more trouble and will lessen the quality in the long term due to the people it will attract. PH is a place for growth marketers and eventually spammers. For new users now you have Categories, Collections, and Topics. Pretty damn confusing. For everyone else that loves PH you'll probably come in and throw more praise for a minor iteration that doesn't address many of PH's shortcomings. The fact that nobody seems to critique PH from the inside baffles me. You want something to grow yet all I ever see is praise thrown upon it in which case it can never truly grow. It can just add more stuff to fake growth. PH at the beginning felt like it had a purpose, now it feels like it's meant to appease everyone in the world by doing everything. Topics was needed to categorize the mess that is already here so I understand why they were created, but I don't think they fix the underlying issues that will continue to take PH down. You can't showcase 100s of products a day an expect even half of them to be good. Now with topics we get to see even more irrelevant stuff.
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I honestly can't believe that nobody from Product Hunt has taken at least a couple of minutes to address this comment. It clearly express some kind of feedback, it has been written 2 hours ago and I'm seeing a lot newer praises being applauded by the community team. Somebody from PR to teach a lesson or two in here?
@scrivs really appreciate the honest feedback. 😊 Some thoughts: "the quality of products that show up on the frontpage has fallen dramatically" There's no doubt some people feel this way. And others feel the opposite. The reality is that a single homepage of "what's interesting" will never be relevant to everyone, and this is largely the reason we've introduced light personalization to highlight things your friends are upvoting and soon influenced by Topics you follow. As for marketers and spammers, this is something we've had to manage from the first weeks Product Hunt launched. Inevitably, people will try to game the system, so we've introduced several system to help avoid that. "For new users now you have Categories, Collections, and Topics. Pretty damn confusing." I do agree, we can simplify and better communicate what all these things are. As with most things we release, we try to launch the smallest incremental first, so we can get early feedback. And if things aren't working, we may kill them (e.g. we recently removed the Popular feed in the iOS app). "Now with topics we get to see even more irrelevant stuff." Please note, that right now, Topics don't change the homepage. I.e., You have to visit a Topic page to see more stuff. Soon, we may surface things on your homepage from Topics you follow. But you have to follow them. The goal is to help people find more things that are relevant to them -- that they're asking for. The success of Collections have largely inspired this and the open and click-through rates (~2x industry average) show that people want to be notified when new things launch within a particular interest.
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@rrhoover Appreciate the response. "There's no doubt some people feel this way. And others feel the opposite." This is something that can be said about anything in the world and a way to justify letting things go the way they are. The key is how does PH itself feel about the quality of stuff posted? If you truly believe by adding more and more products every single day to the homepage has improved the PH experience then say so. If PH is about discoverability and curation, then adding 100s of products to the homepage removes that curation aspect. An exclusive club isn't exclusive if a ton of people can get in. As for discoverability that gets removed with personalization since I don't trust the people or topics to randomly present me with something that might interest me. PH is no longer a curated directory, but just a directory of every product that could be found. Some people would've been upset if PH said "you know what, there are only so many good products in the world and those are the only ones we will show." But guess what? Then PH would've stood for something. Now it's the site where you can try to find anything for everything. The web topic has over 9000 products in it. That isn't going to help anyone find what they want. Every day more and more products will be added to topics and then we are hoping the "curation" of the PH community with its upvotes knows how to suss out quality vs everything else. I know there is a coffee product I loved so I visit the coffee topic and find there are 200 products (for example). That means going through a list of 100s which is no different than just hoping I can find it randomly in search. Topics helps people randomly browse, but don't think it will help people find the product they want. With thousands of topics you've just added another complicated layer to PH that goes on top of the thousands of products. You're trying to fix a broken problem by adding a layer of complexity that in itself will introduce more problems. What will happen is people will feel they need to be subscribed to 100s of topics so they don't miss out and those topics will end up looking like the homepage when they realize their followed topics aren't showing quality stuff either. Categorizing junk food doesn't make the junk food healthier for you. The goal is to obviously make PH a site for everybody in the world, which in turn takes away its appeal to those that helped make it what it is. What is PH today? "Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations." That stopped being true a while ago unfortunately.
Cool product. upvoted.
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Where is the Product Hunt topic?
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@umitakcn great idea 😉
My personal fav is developer tools: https://www.producthunt.com/topi... 🤖🤖