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BIG thanks to @maximesalomon and @sylvainutard from Algolia (http://www.algolia.com, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...) for hooking us up with real-time search. Admittedly, we kept it simple in this first release but have plans to make it more accessible and improve search results. Feedback and ideas welcome!
Always happy to help @rrhoover! Also happy to answer questions about @algolia if needed.
That's great news! I used Algolia's demo for ProductHunt several times, to check if a product hasn't already been hunted. Kudos to @rrhoover and @maximesalomon
Huge! Ideas: - 1. Allow us to search for people, and isolate the people results from product results. - 2. Allow us to hit the down key to navigate the results. - 3. If someone searches for a product that produces no results, perhaps suggest that they "Hunt It."
@GeoffreyWeg - good ideas! Thanks. WRT #2, we could allow people to hit the down arrow to scroll through results, ENTER to open the product page, and right arrow to open the comments (left arrow to collapse). Definitely a power use feature but could be useful.