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Haha, super cool, @therealcoelho. Here's mine:
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@rrhoover @therealcoelho 40 products Ryan, You is Serial dude... mo power to you
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! ๐Ÿ˜บ
Haha awesome. Does it auto update when I hunt more stuff/get more followers? Here is mine:
@bentossell i'm 95% sure that it will auto update
@_jacksmith Just hunted Radical Magical and it updated :)
@bentossell it uses the Product Hunt API so yes I'm pretty sure it auto updates! ๐Ÿ‘
Great. i wish there was a product hunt product widget too
Nice work @therealcoelho! I guess it counts only featured hunts. I hunted 8 products but I get "1 hunts" on my badge.
@simonelucidi87 @therealcoelho I think the API and other product hunt statistics tools don't count 'hunts' that are hidden (i.e. not featured). Else I could just submit like 1000 products in one day and have them all go to the 'upcoming' stream, but make it seem like I've hunted thousands of products
@_jacksmith @therealcoelho Totally agree! I was just pointing it out! :)
@simonelucidi87 what jack said, it uses the PH API which I think only served the featured hunts on its endpoints.
@therealcoelho Awesome really like the idea! Nice job!