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We just made our biggest update to Collections thus far. Now you can: - Follow collections (the most requested feature from the community) - Personalize your collections with a comment about the products included - Discover popular collections more easily using search You can find out more in @rrhoover's blogpost on Medium. Thank you all for the amazing feedback and ideas! Please add more of them here.
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@vesln this is super awesome, well done team! 🙌
@vesln Great update.. But the Follow feature is not actually working? I followed a collection and then I'm not able to see that in my profile. It should be under Collections named "Saved Collections" right? or am I missing something? Saving Collections is mainly to get all related products when we need them. I save a useful collection today and may be I need those after 5 months. How its working now? ~Surjith
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@vesln — feeling confused :/
Great to see your focus on collections, and in general, improvements to make "being hunted" more than a 1-day traffic booster for new products. Many blogposts focus on the "PH effect" on launch day, but what we really want when sharing a product with the world is to make it accessible for everyone, even those who don't check the site daily. So yeah, collections are the first thing that come to mind when I think about that. And as someone who often browses PH, I like the idea that I'll get tailored notifications for products that enter the collections I'll follow. Cheers to the team 🙌
Thanks, @thibautdavoult! And you're spot on. There's a long tail of awesome products, games, and books. This is one step toward making those more discoverable. Would love to hear your thoughts on what else we could/should do. 😊
@thibautdavoult Completely agree. Being able to follow and get notified for specific collections will be excellent.
Product discovery just got really awesome, congratz! :)
Awesome. Would be cool to see who followed collections (like on AMAs on PH with the subscribe button) Great job!
This is amazing. Great job all around! 👏 To celebrate Collections 2.0, I created Product Picks Weekly: a curated collection of the best products, updated weekly. Hit "Follow" to receive updates every Sunday.
@jackdweck genius! Followed! Next up, we'd like to embed collections within the discussion of products. For example, when you add Catlateral Damage to your Cat Games collection, a note will be added to the Catlateral Damage thread to make that collection more discoverable.