Preflight 2.0

Automated UI testing for your Websites & Web Apps

an automated testing tool which helps you eliminate bugs from your website or web-based product -- completely code-free. QA has never been so easy.
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Hello! Patrick and Mustafa here, the founders and makers of Preflight. Persistent bugs are a pain in the butt. I've never sworn quite as loudly as a time I was responsible for a bug we'd seen 3 time before made it to production, I was sure I had tested for, only to get a message from a customer who had experienced the exact same bug before. It's embarrassing and heartbreaking. We work so hard to ensure we deliver the best customer experience and blow it in moments like this. Preflight puts a stop to that. -- How does it work? With Preflight you don't write or code the tests, you record them, by using your product. Think of it like performing your last manual test. Our Chrome extension tracks your interactions with your product and then Preflight recreates those actions on our virtual machines. Then you can run that test when you're developing your product, or test in production to make sure everything is running smoothly. -- What's so special? There are other record & replay systems. But Preflight takes things a step further. Our competitors generally assume you're a developer, and so they'll put the burden on you to make testing work with your product. Preflight assumes only that you know how your product works. Our time has been spent removing those restrictions and allowing you to truly automate testing without the need to debug your tests to make them work. And tests adapt to changes in your product. We know how your product is structured, we can see how it's changed and adjust the test to those changes over time. Don't get us wrong - if you rewrite your entire front-end, your tests will break with Preflight. But watch this space. We're working on it. --But can it...? With Preflight we want you to be able to automate testing completely. Here are some things Preflight can do, to make testing easier: ✅ Browser Testing ✅ Responsive Testing ✅ Scheduled Tests ✅ Test Different Environments ✅ Test emails in Test Flow ✅ Set a 'Login' Test ✅ And so much more Full Drag-And-Drop support, web cam capture, test interactions in iframes, Slack notifications, Super-Simple Webhooks, comprehensive API, Circle CI, Jenkins, Azure DevOps with Travis coming very soon. 🔨 Hack It Preflight is pretty good at automating just about anything. Before quarantine, we had a small office where changing the thermostat was something we had to request via a portal. We automated that. If you automate something cool, I'd love to hear it: 💰 Sure, but this must cost thousands? Not so fast, you're starting to sound like an infomercial! Preflight starts free, you get 50 tests per month, unlimited users, free forever. and it's $99/mo to upgrade to 2,500 tests per month. See more info on pricing on our website:
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I've been using Preflight for about 6 months and it's an incredible product. It allows non-engineers to build up complex automated tests for our web app in seconds. We get alerted as soon as any of the tests fail, can test on a schedule or on demand and across all types of browsers. I've been so impressed at the pace new features are added, and how responsive the team are to feedback! Give it a try - you'll be amazed at what you can do!
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@jamesdevonport Thanks James! Really appreciate having you as a customer and your feedback has been invaluable.
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@jamesdevonport Thank you James! I really appreciate taking time to give us a thumbs up.
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Hey ?makers what's new since your last launch on Product Hunt?
@calum Thanks for asking. You can now see the steps as you're recording them, we've added variables to make testing dynamic content far easier. You can now test emails in the flow of tests (e.g. password resets, email confirmations), webcams. You can manage tests on mobile, the free plan has expanded to have feature parity with the premium plans (the only limitation is the number of tests. That along with dramatic performance improvements and a complete design overhaul and a bunch of integrations.
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Hey guys, Super excited! We have designed Preflight for everyone who wants to automate their manual testing that happens every development cycle. Let us know if you have any questions.
Awesome stuff, well done Patrick!