Postman Collections

Biggest library of ready-made API collections for Postman

Postman collections is a platform where anyone can find hundreds of ready-made API Collections which you can import into your Postman with 1 click

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Awesome to see Sheetsu as one of the collections! High five from Sheetsu team. ๐Ÿ–
@jedrzejurbanski Thank you :) We believe sheetsu is an awesome tool that really simplifies the usage of Google Sheets API :) Good job!
Thanks @bentossell for hunting! Hey Product Hunters! As you know, integrating APIs can be very complicated, time consuming and challenging even for experienced developers. @a85 and team from Postman did a great job by simplifying the whole process of testing and implementing APIs. We at Zeroqode made an extra step forward and have put together a Postman Collections platform. It is a place where you can browse through hundreds of ready-made, tested API collections, which you can import to your Postman with 1 click. Also, we welcome all Postman users to contribute their APIs to the platform so that it becomes available to the community. When a collection is added by a user, their name and web-site is mentioned on the collection page, so they will have a great exposure for their projects :) By the way, this product is built entirely without code using our Product Hunt Clone template :) Weโ€™d love to hear any feedback and weโ€™ll be here all day to reply to your comments. Thanks!
This looks very cool. We're big fans of Postman and Zeroqode. Question for you: how might a maker decide/plan on which APIs to use in their app? Especially when there are are potentially a few options available that might make to choose?
@mcwbernz Hey Will, thanks a lot for the feedback and question! I guess the user upvoting system that we have implimented similar to Product Hunt would be a great indicator for other users as of which API to prefer :) And if they don't have a clue where to start, they could just browse the APIs in a specific category which best defines their needs.
@levon377 Got it. That'll work. I know we have folks asking us at Dropsource all the time about which APIs to use... this will be very helpful!
@mcwbernz by the way, Will, I just realized that it's super easy to convert any Postman Collection into swagger format, which can then be easily imported into a Dropsource app with 1 click! Here is one link which can do that
@mcwbernz to those who doesn't know, Dropsource is a great tool to build native apps without code!
The website has a janky jump when infinite scroll happens. It feels weird though. Otherwise awesome prod. Will use it soon.
@deadcoder0904 Thanks a lot! we'll check the infinite scroll. What device/browser you are using?
@levon377 Macbook Pro 2016 & latest Chrome
Wow! Finally I can manage my Google Sheets.