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A directory of 250+ tools and resources for your projects


Postmake is a directory of tools, products, services, and resources curated to help you compare between and choose the best options for your projects or businesses. All tools are manually curated and reviewed before being added to the directory. You can also submit new tools to the directory if they're a good fit!

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CTO & Co-founder @ ChainTraced

I really like the search directory of tools this has, super useful and one I hope to use a lot in the future :) Good job!


Nice UI, great search functionality and super easy to use!


Maybe a bit of a steep price to be listed. It would be nice to see another option of gatekeeping so that smaller services can join as well.

Growth at Kite

good luck growing the userbase!


i like the simplicity & fast pg load time of Postmake. easy 2 browse. startupstash i find has 2 much UI for the problem it's solving.


product pages could be more fleshed out and less buggy (some images not showing up on a few products I clicked on)

Software Engineer | https://iamhamy.xyz

They say that there's a manual review process to determine if something is a correct fit, but that means that only those projects with specific advertisment budgets will likely get posted. This likely means that many open source projects will get skipped over because not many contributors are going to be willing to pay $100 just to get a listing for a project they're excited about. I really like the idea but this would be much better if it was crowd-sourced and free to use with listing kept by rating so that money wasn't the gatekeeper, rather likability was.


It's cool, great idea, great way to find great tools


It's paid and ranking is static/arbitrary!