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Book recommendations from over 100 founders and makers

A compilation of the books recommended by over 100 founders and makers in tech, compiled from various sources.
These are some of the books that most influenced or helped their professional careers, sorted by the number of recommendations.
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Hey guys! I know book lists have been done to death, but I always felt like they're just a big dump of links and a "you should read those!" tagline, without much of an explanation. So I tried doing something a little different. Over the past month, I must've reached out to at least 70 founders and asked them about some of the books that most shaped their professional careers. Obviously, not a lot of them responded, so I started going through some book lists (Derek Sivers and James Clear have some great recommendations!), Indie Hacker interviews, and personal blogs, adding everything I can find along the way. I managed to compile recommendations from a little over 100 founders and makers heavily involved in the tech scene – most of the people here are running revenue-generating businesses. In the list, I included each book's name, a link to its Amazon (or equivalent) page, and a list of the founders who recommended them. I felt like this helped put things in perspective, so you know where each recommendation comes from. The list itself is searchable by book name, author, or founder name. I wasn't planning on posting this to Product Hunt, but I've gotten some great responses from Twitter, so I thought I'd share it! Really happy with how this turned out. This should keep your reading list busy for at least a year! PS: Since I got asked more than once: this list doesn't use any affiliate links. The parent website monetizes in other ways (paid listings + sponsors).
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Thanks for including me in this! Love the round up :)
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Is something broken? I can't seem to be able to view the website
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@dimkots The page is looking fine to me! Is it unaccessible to you?