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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2019

Postmake is a directory of tools, products, services, and resources curated to help you compare between and choose the best options for your projects or businesses. All tools are manually curated and reviewed before being added to the directory. You can also submit new tools to the directory if they're a good fit!

  • Hamilton Greene
    Hamilton GreeneSoftware Engineer |

    It's cool, great idea, great way to find great tools


    It's paid and ranking is static/arbitrary!

    They say that there's a manual review process to determine if something is a correct fit, but that means that only those projects with specific advertisment budgets will likely get posted. This likely means that many open source projects will get skipped over because not many contributors are going to be willing to pay $100 just to get a listing for a project they're excited about. I really like the idea but this would be much better if it was crowd-sourced and free to use with listing kept by rating so that money wasn't the gatekeeper, rather likability was.

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  • Pros: 

    Nice UI, great search functionality and super easy to use!


    Maybe a bit of a steep price to be listed. It would be nice to see another option of gatekeeping so that smaller services can join as well.

    I really like the search directory of tools this has, super useful and one I hope to use a lot in the future :) Good job!

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Hey Product Hunt, Amr here! Early on in my bootstrapping / side-project-gigs journey, I often had to spend a long amount of time figuring what can of service or tool to use for finishing a particular task. I often didn't even know what I'm looking for, either – until I would run to some obscure form post or tutorial that would point me in the correct direction, and I'd think to myself "oh so that's how people do this particular thing". Communities like Product Hunt and Indie Hackers were a great way to learn what other makers use, and the recent trend of curated lists are great references. But between outdated lists and poor presentation, I still felt like I could build something of my own. Postmake is a project I've been building on and off for the past year, but since I haven't heard anything but positive feedback about the project, I decided to work on it a little more seriously. I decided to focus on monetization from the get-go by charging for submissions. This helps with a couple of things: - The directory can be continuously maintained and improved upon - Eliminating the noise – only serious founders are willing to pay a price to get their projects or services listed - Access to the directory and all its content remain free I'm still improving on the directory and adding new tools to it, so any feedback would be appreciated! PS: As a thank you to the Product Hunt community, use the promo code "PRODUCTHUNTROCKS" to get 20% off new submissions. 😃
#Trough-of-Sorrow 😃
$100--or even $80 with the discount--seems quite steep to add a resource when you have something like @startupstash (which gets way more traffic) that lets you post for free. Even for just a backlink, it's not worth it. I'd suggest growing it first before monetizing.
@r44d Thanks for weighing in Raad. I kept bouncing around the idea of charging for submissions when I first started working on this, but decided to stick with it. Other than helping support the project, the idea is to keep the directory up to a certain level of quality. Only serious founders / businesses would be willing to pay for access. Sites like startup stash are curated lists, and even though you might make your submission there's no guarantee you'll be added. What I'm trying to build with Postmake, instead, is a directory of tools – if submissions conform to some guidelines (as in actually a business tool, within an accepted category), it would be listed. As for the price, I'm still paying with that, but frankly so far I didn't get any complaints about it being too high. The way I see it, if Postmake sends you 75 visitors a month, that's a CPC of $1.33, which isn't very bad. And that's only for one month – listings are permanent for this one-time fee. I hope that made sense!
Clean and to the point ! Keep adding the good resources from the feedbacks !
Congrats on launching @amrkafina and happy to see included from the get-go! :)
@s2imon Haha thanks Simon, if there's anything you'd like to add to the page please let me know.