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Poedit is a translations editor for the gettext system, with dedicated support for translating WordPress themes and plugins and with advanced translation memory, pre-translation and machine-translation capabilities.

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Julien Hany


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Bogomil Shopov -Bogo
Bogomil Shopov -Bogo@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
I am using it to translate some of the Mozilla's sites into my own language. Thanks for adding it here.
Julie Delanoy
Julie DelanoyPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
Looks really useful. I'll try it. (With a name like this one, I was hoping that Poedit could translate my shitty copywritting in beautiful poetry. )
Jonno Riekwel
Jonno RiekwelHunter@jonnotie · Product Designer
@syswarren Hahaha, that would be amazing.
Václav Slavík
Václav SlavíkMaker@vslavik · Indie Developer - Poedit
@syswarren Wow, that reading of the name never occurred to me ;)
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
I like Poedit. I used it to translate several projects. Thumb up @vslavik
Václav Slavík
Václav SlavíkMaker@vslavik · Indie Developer - Poedit
@gregoiregilbert Thanks! I think you'll like the next version even more — I can now finally give Poedit the attention it needs, so expect lots of small and larger improvements and new features.
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
I've used this for #wordpress plugins :)