Pod helps you manage your people, not just your schedule


Pod is a brand new way of thinking about calendar - it is the calendar about people, not just your schedule.

See context on anyone you interact with - the email that led to the meeting, social links, and more. Put contacts on sortable lists to see who you need to follow up with.

It's free and does not require registration - check it out!

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Lalit Kapoor
Brendon Rell
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  • Brendon Rell
    Brendon RellFounder at Battery Pack

    Packs tons of features in without feeling clunky - the interface is clean, flexible and doesn't get in the way.


    Hoping for a MacOS version in the near future as this would be a fantastic option for work email while working on a laptop.

    Highly recommended! The 'people' features are actually useful and aren't forced on you.

    Brendon Rell has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    The app feels very light-weight, even though the people feature makes it very powerful in a way that other calendar apps aren't.


    New to it, but nothing yet. Very clean.

    A calendar app I actually see myself using!

    Stephen Headrick has used this product for one day.