Pod helps you manage your people, not just your schedule

Pod is a brand new way of thinking about calendar - it is the calendar about people, not just your schedule.

See context on anyone you interact with - the email that led to the meeting, social links, and more. Put contacts on sortable lists to see who you need to follow up with.

It's free and does not require registration - check it out!

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8 Reviews5.0/5
After trying it out this morning Pod is officially replacing Fantastical on my iPhone - great job! Any plans for a Mac version? I could see this being awesome for Sales folks, and being on desktop would be great for that.
@brendonto sweet! keep us posted on how it works for you. other platforms are definitely on our radar screen, if not our immediate roadmap. we agree that Lists could be very cool for teams tracking people together :-)
Feature Requests : 1. Dark Mode/Dark Theme 2. MacOS App!
Great app always wanted one of this kind
@iamramharsha awesome, thanks ram. we're still working on it too - gonna get even better :-)
Wow. I'm actually super excited to try this. Thanks.
@peter_enestrom let us know what you think! we love hearing feedback and are pushing changes every week.
What a beautiful design. This looks fantastic.
@rueter Thanks for the kind words, Steven :)