Like having a marketing team in your pocket

#3 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2019
You don’t need a marketing agency.
With Plai, get the answers you need, fast from Google Analytics. Take action with targeted YouTube & Google Search Ads. Find trending content across the web in seconds, for a post. Learn new marketing tips.
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Hello Product Hunt! We started Plai to equip growing brands with the same marketing strategies and tools that only large companies like Nike have. I've worked on Google Ads+Analytics products ( Analytics, keeping up with the latest strategies, and acting on insights with Google, YouTube, or Facebook Ads is overwhelming. Simple tasks like targeting an area around a store or creating a quality A/B test become difficult. I saw how needed, yet expensive, digital marketing agencies can be. Digital marketing and analytics are powerful tools...if you know how to use them, but the thing is not everyone has time to learn and money to waste. These are the people Plai aims to help! Plai launched last week on iOS and Android.
Let me try it. hope your app will help us.
@khaled_khan thank you!👍
Great job!😊 Will check it out! What are the future updates for this? This looks disruption in the Agencies field.
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Yes we plan to create a more connected experience. Plai will see if new users are down on your site, your best landing pages, days of the week, and be able to choose between YouTube or Facebook ads to drive website traffic in a few clicks. Essentially taking the guess work out of which platforms to use and data to look at and when to do it! Integrations are being worked on with creative platforms like website builders and video makers. People/Brands have all of this great content and once it's made, the content sort of just sits there after it's used once in an email or social post. Brands can do so much more to promote it and understand if it's effective content! Lastly, I believe Plai can also strengthen smaller Agencies to expand into digital marketing where in the past they were only focused on creative. Or the reverse of that, agencies who are drowning in the technical side of marketing, Plai can help them. We want you to have more time to "play"!
This is a great idea! I installed the app and authenticated with Google, but it hung. Now the app just loads a black screen. Would love to give the app a try. Also, I'm happy to help troubleshoot if you want to DM me.
@tela Thank you! Would love for you to test it. I just messaged you!
@tela We messaged and it looks like you can access now, which is great!! Thank you!
@logan_welbaum Thanks for the followup, both offline and here to confirm everything is working. I appreciate it!
I'll definitely check it out :)