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What is is offers the simplest video creation platform for businesses and agencies. Using our creation products, our new AI engine and unlimited usage of media from Getty Images and iStock, we help our users create loads of visual content and unlimited videos to promote anything they want effectively. Try PromoAI and generate a month's worth of branded video content, relevant to your business - in just one click! media 1 tech stack

We're aware of 10 technologies that is built with. utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

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Meet PromoAI: 30 Days Worth of Video Content - One Click Away! Generate, schedule & publish a monthly dose of unique videos tailored for your business. - Unique ideas, copy, with matching footage & music - Powered by premium footage from Getty Images & iStock.
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Image Resizer 2.0
Automatically resize any image to over 100 most popular web and social media sizes with a click of a button. This is pure magic!. Want a video? Try out video maker.
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When on PromoAI, when generating 30 videos, you can always regenerate a specific one.
So you've used PromoAI to generate a month's worth of video content. Some are a hit, and others need tweaking (use the built in chat editor or go deeper with our timeline based one) BUT did you know you can simply ask PromoAI to come up with a new video on the spot? New idea, copy, footage & music, for any specific day!