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#4 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2019
Pipedream is an integration platform for developers. Develop any workflow, based on any trigger. Workflows are code, which you can run for free.
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The Pipedream team helped me build a fairly complex billing integration with Stripe and Recurly triggered by webhooks from my app. @dylansather 's description of something between Zapier and AWS Lambda is quite accurate, and something I've found really useful. I'm looking forward to following your progress and seeing what new connections are built by the community!
@javier_mendezona we're happy to help you build a workflow anytime!
this looks nice. 1. How is this free ? 2. What is main competitor and why are you better ? 3. im looking to integrate with a pupeeteer script, do you have an example ? 4. Can you post a starter / demo on glitch.com ? Authentication is the key here, i've not seen that lately
@francoolaami thank you for the note and questions! 1) We provide the service for free, with limits (https://docs.pipedream.com/limits/), so we can get as many devs using the product and giving us feedback. Most workflows are low volume and easy for us to run for free. Paid tiers with premium features are coming soon. 2) There are a lot of awesome companies working on integrations / workflows. We offer something between Zapier and the serverless offerings from cloud companies (e.g. AWS Lambda). Developers love the latter and they're the biggest competitors to any developer-facing tool in our space. We believe it's dramatically easier to run workflows on Pipedream than on these tools, though, while still giving devs the ability to write code. Pipedream's pre-built actions also make it easy to perform common operations without writing code. Soon the community will be able to contribute open-source actions anyone can run on Pipedream. As the number of actions and workflows grows, developers benefit. 3) We don't support Puppeteer at the moment but it's on the backlog and I've made a note you asked! I'll reach out here when we get it working for you. 4) Pipedream code runs on Pipedream, so I can't post a Glitch that would replicate our environment. But like Glitch, you can send anyone a link to a Pipedream workflow, which they can fork, run and modify in their own account. Check out https://pipedream.com/explore to see a few tutorial and example workflows from the community!
@francoolaami @dylan_sather Is everything we see as of right now going to remain free?
@nahtnam that is the goal. It's possible we'll tweak the limits I linked to above, but the functionality you see we expect to remain free.
@francoolaami I wanted to let you know that I've been working on Puppeteer support, and you can track the progress here: https://github.com/PipedreamHQ/r... . Let me know if you have any other feedback!
Awesome tool. I used Pipedream a while ago. It's an awesome tool. Good to see on ProductHunt
@sujesh_thekkepatt1 thank you so much for the kind words!
It’s Tod, one of the founders. Today, after almost a year of work, we are excited to launch the beta release of Pipedream on ProductHunt! Full launch post - https://medium.com/@todsacerdoti... Pipedream enables developers to easily build and execute workflows — often called “glue code” — that integrate apps, APIs and data, for free. “Easily build” = write production code in minutes with built-in state management, authentication, observability, and error handling “Execute” = we host and run your code on our infrastructure so you don’t have to manage any servers or cloud resources “Workflows” = compiled Node.js code, authored using code steps and pre-built actions, that runs on any trigger or schedule “Integrated Apps” = Google, Github, Gitlab, AWS, Heroku, Zeit, Netlify, Twilio, Jira, Slack, Discord, Reddit, Yahoo! Fantasy and many more “Free” = no cost Please send us feedback!
@todsacerdoti Gave me a great demo the other day. He showed me how quickly he got Coda integrated which was pretty awesome -- and led to some great scenarios as well!
Like the product features. Any plans of offering it in a traditional on premises model? I can use it for Enterprise specific use cases where I cannot expose the workflows to public. Do you have any performance benchmarks? How do you compare to Node Red?
@kri_prah we don't have plans for an on-premise version of the tool, but we do plan to support private workflows. Would that work for your use case? The performance would depend on what you're trying to do, since we're an execution environment for Node code. We don't have any benchmarks but at some point we'll have SLAs for enterprise customers. We love Node Red! Node Red provides a visual programming environment, where our model is more code-forward. I'd love if you signed up and checked it out — we'd love the feedback!
@dylan_sather Thanks for the reply. I will check it out. Not sure yet, if the SaaS model works for me.