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Product Hunt alerts for trending products, replies & more

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Oh.... I probably shouldn't install this.
We'd love to hear what type of notifications you'd find most useful! P.S. Chrome users, you'll need to install Chrome 42 to enable this. More details in Google announcement from this morning.
@rrhoover Just installed, so some of these might already exist: 1) New Product in the top x (maybe new top 5, 10... could this be user configurable?) 2) New comments on a product you've hunted 3) New replies to your comments on any products 4) New products submitted by or made by people you follow 5) New followers (maybe, might not really care) 6) New upvotes (maybe every xx% increase) on things you've posted/made
We are very happy to announce that we are introducing support for browser notifications for Chrome and Safari. Credits to the awesome Roost team, that helped us tremendously with building this feature. Subscribe to stay in touch with breaking launches, announcements, activities and more. Be sure to check it out and let us know what think.
@vesln Really glad to help.
@vesln Just a small note on the page where it says how to turn on notifications, it says look to the top of the screen but on mobile its at the bottom of the screen. Also any plans for suggesting to add ph to your home screen on android?
This is great. Safari has notification for sometime and was waiting for Chrome. Kudos.
I haven't been able to get it to prompt me yet for notifications, in Safari or Chrome. Any thoughts? It's enabled across the board for me and using Chrome 42, etc. Update: Ad-blockers are currently blocking Chrome notification windows....FYI. Problem solved.
@wilwired thanks for the heads up, Wil! We might want to add a message and/or ad-blocker detection to the Browser Notifications page, @vesln.
@vesln @rrhoover No problem - I couldn't find anything on it out on the net just yet, so it took a bit of tinkering to figure it out. Not sure when Ad-blockers will add in exceptions for notifications, if thats even possible without whitelisting the entire site as it is. A good call to action should help though.