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@malditojavi · I run http://petithacks.com
Just sent the first newsletter, in some days I will upload the exclusive hack (a great one that @maccaw pointed out about @svbtle + @clearbit )!
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Romain Dardour
@rdardour · Co-founder, hull.io
Every curated gallery like this one should have an RSS Feed (they don't) so we don't need one more destination to remember to check. Twitter is also acceptable but volume is becoming an issue. Twitter posts will be missed. RSS won't.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Nice resource. It's like the Big Little Details for marketers and product managers.
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@malditojavi · I run http://petithacks.com
Hey Hunters! Javier here, the one building petithacks.com. After participating in a RailsGirls, I decided to do small website to test how far I could go, and this is the output. Still many things on mind/in process (ps http://petithacks.com/pages/roadmap - if you like SOA, you are going to like it). I have like 120 more hacks to be added, but I want more… See more
Marc Köhlbrugge
@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
Love this idea. Wanted to do something similar a while back ( http://hcks.com ), but didn't pursue due to lack of time. Cool to see someone else executing on this though. Great resource to have. Is there a newsletter? Speaking from experience that will be the highest leverage "hack" you can implement right now :)
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@malditojavi · I run http://petithacks.com
Ok ok ok. Big thanks to @Shpigford because after a Skype session... there is a goddamn RSS thing for petithacks! :D http://petithacks.com/feed.atom RSS guys: @rdardour @spencerfry @abhic http://media.giphy.com/media/AeW...