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We’re excited to announce a new free version of our product experience platform for early stage and startup companies. The new version allows software products with less than 100 monthly active end users unlimited usage of Pendo to track user behavior, capture feedback, and provide contextual help inside their applications. The new offering provides enterprise-grade product analytics and guidance to new companies and products as they test and validate their market assumptions. With Pendo companies can: - Capture all user behavior. Pendo’s analytics show which features customers use, how much time they spend in the product, trends over time, and aggregate results across accounts, users, and custom segments. - Collect high-quality feedback. Pendo captures user feedback directly in the product to help understand the “why” behind their behavior. Reaching users in the application results in more relevant feedback and higher response rates. - Provide personalized guidance in the product. Pendo allows companies to highlight new features, provide help, and drive specific user behaviors through targeted in-application messages.
Awesome. Congrats guys!!