Payhere Storefront

Quick and simple landing pages with payments included

Payhere is back to PH showcasing our new Storefront feature. We've added many more features to our platform including our visual plan builder, donation-based plans, custom fields, dashboard analytics, Zapier integration and an all-new React embed component.
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18 Reviews5.0/5
It wasn't until we started integrating recurring payments and subscriptions into our product that I realised how difficult and time-consuming the process still is - so I fully appreciate the ease and slickness of what Scott and Pete have delivered with Payhere. This new product is the simplest way I've seen for any business, anywhere to create a one-page storefront with payments integrated as standard - a product that is needed more than ever by business owners right now. A solid team that's enjoyed plenty of customer love for their products since the beginning.
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This is incredible. We look forward to integrating with Payhere with Budibase in the future. I think the UI does a great job of making all the hard work going on in the background look simple and easy to use. Awesome.
@budibase thanks Joe we are looking forward to working with Budibase in the near future!
@theshawe thanks! 🙌
This product is the fastest way for businesses to get online and start taking payments effectively. This is exactly what so many people will need post COVID-19 as they are driven into entrepreneurship. Scott and Pete are great team and I’m excited to see how well this company can do!
@joelwhite7 Thanks Joel, glad you like it!
Congrats on the launch guys. Looks useful! What use cases are you seeing most of so far for the storefront?
@shylands Thanks Steven! We are seeing more businesses that would otherwise be closed are thinking of smart ways to go online and sell their services in slightly different ways. Restaurants selling vouchers, consultancies selling online courses and some are taking donations to get support.
@shylands thank you kindly! We are seeing quite a variety. In the past week there has been a restaurant in France allowing their customers to buy "brunch" to be enjoyed when they re-open. A cleaning company in Sarasota Florida who have quickly taken their business online, they take payments through payhere and then collect washing from their customers. We have seen a lot of designers and developers setting up a billing page with payhere letting their clients choose the package that they wish. That is just a few, the main feedback that we are getting is the speed and ease that people are able to create their payments and get paid for their services!