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Maneesh Sethi
Maneesh SethiMaker@maneesh
Hi everyone! I'm Maneesh Sethi, the founder of Pavlok. I LOVE playing Pokemon Go --- but this weekend, I noticed a major problem with the app: when playing the game, it's impossible to do other things on your phone without closing the game. At Pavlok, we make wearable devices to help people wake up earlier, quit bad habits, and become healthier-- most notably, the Pavlok Wearable Pavlovian Trainer, that uses electric biofeedback to train away bad behaviors ( While playing Pokemon Go, I realized that the floating windows feature from our main app would be very useful---it allowed access to the Pavlok app while using Pokemon Go! So, we repurposed the floating Pavlok app to become a floating web browser --- so you can surf the web and hatch eggs at the same time! I'd love to get your feedback, and answer any questions. Here is our current change list. Please comment with any features you'd like to see! Combine URL and Search Add a search History (and a clear history) -add Search queries to the history Add a 'tap to minimize button' so it's clearer how to minimize the window Close zone = bottom center (instead of full bottom side) If the URL is the same, and user presses submit, don't reload browser. When clicking on a URL, automatically highlight all the text. Thanks!! -Maneesh Sethi Founder/CEO
Sol Orwell
Sol Orwell@sol_orwell · Director, Enthropia Inc
@maneesh So smart - this just makes sense.
Scott Brunskill
Scott Brunskill@staffy53 · retired
@maneesh @pavlok ..........awesome Maneesh....Pokemon Go and Pavlok's a go in my books
Juil Yoon
Juil Yoon@juil_yoon · Photographer. Programmer for fun.
This is an absolutely fantastic idea! If only the Pokemon Go app itself had this feature...
Jake Ballard
Jake Ballard@thejacobballard · Building stuff at @BroteinBox
Great idea, Maneesh! Now, if I only had an Android. Glad to see things are going well over at Pavlok.
Scott Brunskill
Scott Brunskill@staffy53 · retired
awesome Maneesh....Pokemon Go and Pavlok's a Go in my books