Paths by Heap

Explore user paths on your product or website

The first-ever path analysis product that uses autocaptured data. Understand the flows users take on your product/website.
Legacy tools only display the paths for events/pageviews that you've already written tracking code for. Heap doesn't make you do that.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital
Heap has always been the only analytics platform engineered from the bottom up to support auto-capture. It means all pageviews and events get stored and then you can define events later. Legacy tools from the last generation only show you events and pageviews you've written up front, which is crazy slow and a huge problem if you make a mistake and miss some events, which is incredibly easy to do on accident and catastrophic for your data collection since you have to wait a whole new period to get the data you need. With Heap and Heap Paths, you can build better, more competitive products, and move faster since you can act on user data right away instead of the slow dev-test-analyze cycle with existing analytics tools that don't have auto-capture. Paths is extra interesting because you get to see exactly how people go through your app or website, and as a product manager you get a lot of power in making data-driven decisions.
Pulkit Agrawal
CEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
@garrytan this is awesome- its fantastic to be able to create paths with virtual events, so I can see historic paths, without having to manually track any of the data! @raviparikh27
Here's @vijay_umapathy on building Paths:
Alexander ForsénPrd owner @ Swedish Building Services
Pendo has offered ”autocaptured” user paths (as well as account paths) analysis for years.
Myroslav GalavaiUI/UX designer
Isn't it Google Analytics feature? Can't see an improvement.