Passenger For Uber

Request an Uber in seconds from your Mac’s menu bar

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Or you can just go to and it's free.
@perrwa I know there's a mobile website but I much prefer clean, native apps for things I do all the time rather than having to launch the browser. This app has a couple advantages over the mobile website: a global customizable keyboard shortcut to bring it up any time, the pickup ETA in my menu bar so I can keep working to the very last second, and full Touch Bar support which in combination with the keyboard shortcut lets you book a ride without ever needing to click on anything.
I tried using a similar Mac app called Fastlane but couldn't get it to work. Will try this one!
@rrhoover Curious what you think--it's got a lot of improvements over Fastlane! I'm also having some trouble adding @realcasually as the Maker. It seems to work but then when I refresh they are gone. Same issue with Cruise for Lyft. Any idea what could be causing that?
@wowthatisrandom @rrhoover And I just tried to add @realcasually and it turned into @forecastbar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Does this also send notifications to your phone? I can see this sometimes being quicker to use (although my phone is usually right here on my desk) but once I leave my desk and am on the street it's important to have updates on the phone as well for: cancelled rides, updated ETA when they're stuck in traffic, can't find each other
@kristofertm As long as you're signed in to the same Uber account, all the ride info will show on both your phone in the Uber App and in Passenger on your Mac.
@Jason which countries it is supporting. It seems app is not available in India :(
@objectivecdeveloper currently it is only available in the US
@wowthatisrandom @objectivecdeveloper We now have worldwide support in our latest update (1.0.5)!
Cool! Why not use Flic button?
@samenglund What is the Flic button?
@forecastbar A smart button. With one click you can order an Uber, Pizza, Toogle lights, etc