Book an Uber from your Mac's menu bar, fast and simple

#3 Product of the DayApril 11, 2016
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Now you can book an Uber right from your Mac's menubar! Super classy!
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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting Fastlane! Hey everyone, I’m Pontus Abrahamsson, the creator of Fastlane. Fastlane makes it possible to book an Uber directly from your Macs menubar. I primarily built Fastlane because I love the process of developing products that I actually feel a need of in my own life but also because I love Uber. The project is fully open source on Github ( and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas. This is a public beta that soon will be released in the Mac App Store. Happy hunting!
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@pontusab @chrismessina - Just tired to paste my password in from 1Password and it doesn't work. - There is also no way to quit the app - No desktop command shortcuts work (cmd + a, cmd + v, etc..)
@joe_blau @chrismessina I look into that, right click the tray icon, (cmd + q) or when active click on "Fastlane" in the upper left. The feedback is great to make the experience better for the stable release on App Store.
@pontusab congrats on the launch! I'm curious if you'd consider embedding the new Ride Request Widget for the UI when it's available? Might be easier to maintain over time since it's an official Uber product?
@chrismessina Thanks, When I started of 3 months ago there where no Widget and the main focus was to learn and use React and Electron, but yes I think Its better to use the widget later on :)
@pontusab @chrismessina Booking an Uber from your mac is a clever idea :) One suggestion from my end is if the app could also shows surge mode whenever required it will be good to go, right now it just gives the rate but user is not aware whether the surge is on/off. Building anything from pain points will definitely work. Good luck
@pontusab - Congrats and kudos for open sourcing it too! I don't use Uber often enough but very curious if a lot of people use Uber via these integrations (have seen so many so far including Slack/FB Messenger integration). Is it just the convenience of not opening the app and picking options?
@sarthakgrover Thanks! Personally I was too lazy to find my phone at the time so I got the idea to make the app. I think that It's great to have alternatives to book a ride from everywhere.
Nice! I'll have to test it out soon.