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This better be at the top of PH tomorrow if only for the name. I mean, the tech is also stupidly cool too.
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@chrismessina Already up-voted for precisely that reason. Now, I guess I'd better check what it is.
@chrismessina : now the people of England have a new name to rally behind (R.I.P. Boaty McBoatface)
@chrismessina this is huge for NLU
@chrismessina What is this supposed to mean?? If it's goal was to make me feel like I have no idea what this does, mission accomplished. I am actually curious though, is this in the machine learning field, NLP, or something like that?
Upvoted for the name. What does this do? j/k
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@rrhoover I'm not 100% sure, but: I remember doing a developer test for a job where I had to write a program to parse input text and deduce the language in which the text is written. I think this library makes the bulk of the work for a program, as such, much easier (though need to look into it deeper to confirm that). I'm guessing this is super useful for translating texts, knowing what a webpage is all about, etc. Love it. It's libraries like these that open the doors for everyday product applications.... What do you think this could be applied to? The name is amazingly cool!
This is a syntax parser made by Google. It's very useful for natural language processing tasks. For example the sentence: "the dog ate my homework." "dog" is the subject of the predicate "eat" and "homework" is the object. There are many other open source solutions such as SpaCy: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Amazing how the Google name and the name of the tool can boost upvotes :P
@plusepsilon I waited a bit to comment on this (mixture of being very sick with the Cold-flu and wanted to talk to my fiance, who is doing applied Nlp research now, first) There are apparently problems with it depending on the type of source data, it's quality, and structure. There may be some other more esoteric problems with it as well. That's more complicated and not something I'm going to talk about in public. What's your math vs engineering background and email. I'll send a pm explaining Same to you @chrismessina
For those wondering where the name came from: but in the end, although everyone voted for the name, they decided to not go with the "People's choice" * sadface *
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@orliesaurus As a consolation prize, though, the on-board submarine vessel was named "Boaty McBoatface".
Not fan of this reddit style conversation .-/
@icipascal I mean, it's called Parsey McParseface, so there's bound to be some fun had...
Haha! Feels like the name carries on the legacy of the NERC's new ship that the public voted for to be called Boaty McBoatface!
@gadgick I assume that is exactly where they got it from ha Shame that didnt go through :(
@bentossell Yeah I'm guessing it was inspired by the name! What I don't understand is NERC asked the public for names & then don't use the winning name...