Low cost, fast computer you can access from any web browser

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Daniel Kobran
@danielkobran · Co-founder, Paperspace
Thanks everyone for your support. We are overwhelmed! Can't wait to get Paperspace out in the world.
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Garry Tan
@garrytan · Angel Investor. Previously Partner, YC
Network computers have been in the collective consciousness for a while — so long we almost kind of forgot about them! But Paperspace and the super cheap $50 Paperweight device show us that these things have just reached the point where they're totally viable as everyday devices. The entrenched players use totally outdated technology, and this is potential… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
https://vimeo.com/121088847 Impressive, but I'm naturally skeptical of the latency. I used to work in the PC game space and followed Gakai and OnLive very closely. Amazing technology but lag and low resolution video killed the experience. I'm curious to hear how Paperspace has solved that problem.
Daniel Kobran
@danielkobran · Co-founder, Paperspace
Hey PH, Paperspace co-founder here happy to answer any questions you have. We also want to offer you guys a 25% off deal with the coupon PHUNT. Sorry we got to this so late, it was a surprise...
Kevin Rose
@kevinrose · Builder of internet things.
I'd love to try this.
Malcolm Ocean
@malcolm_ocean · Founder, Complice
Honestly I was watching the demo video and I thought it was a joke. Log on to any computer with a web browser, and bam! There's a computer! Kind of like dehydrated water: http://cache.backpackinglight.co... Anyway, it was: (a) hilarious and (b) maybe suggests that you want to zoom in a little bit closer when you show the browser becoming the desktop.