HomeJoy for office/home painting

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So here's my question, and I apologize for the pessimism. Of the 10s of billions in size, how many are repeat customers within say, 2 years. The problem with services like this, IMO, is that people generally only need them once, and the service never gets mindshare. You need Uber every day/week. Homejoy every month. Sprig/Muchery every week. But services like this have a harder time getting people to know about them because there just aren't that many people using them regularly. Okay, tear that opinion apart please! b
Market that's 10s of billions $ in size. Awesome team; previously built a cleaning business with close to ~$10m in revenue. Paintzen has awesome traction, I think is going to be huge. Just discovered them today, they're in the current AngelPad class.
It'd be nice if someone could aggregate all these into a full home remodeling as a service. Like, you click a button, and your room looks like . Updated semi-regularly with rotating accent pieces, seasonal flowers/plants, who knows.
Would be a nice compliment to Decorist (interior decor as a service, posted by @anniekadavy).
Nice find @_jacksmith! ;) I agree completely with you @mulligan. Repeat use/engagement is what makes a product sticky and, unless you have a huge payoff in any 1x transaction (e.g. buying a house - you also don't do it often but when you do, that RE Agent makes a killing), it is a hard business to get huge. Thanks for the loop in @rrhoover too - I agree this should be part of a platform of broader at-home services. Perhaps they could start with painting as a vertical and grow from there but we'll see... at demo day this afternoon. PS: @rrhoover - is it possible to reply in PH via mobile? Could def be user error on my part but wasn't easy for me...