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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2016
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This is a cool take on last minute, on demand bookings. very well thought for mobile, kinda uber for couch-surfing :) i dig it, especially b/c all the big companies in the space were never mobile first. congrats @asherhunt!
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@benrbn Thanks man. Very excited to be solving the problem of last-minute stays. Our goal is very simple - we want more people to travel more frequently. We believe that if we can surface alternative accommodations faster, then we’re on our way there … If we can get someone who travels twice a year to travel four times a year, we’re doing something very special.
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@asherhunt @benrbn "Our goal is very simple - we want more people to travel more frequently." I am 100% with you on that sentiment. We have the same long term mission with @gethorizonapp I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on host incentives, as well as traveler fallback options. Do hosts get a premium for being more accommodating last minute? What happens if a traveler arrives in a city expecting to be able to find a last minute host and can't? Hoteltonight? It seems many are going to be terrified of arriving in a new city and have even a slight risk of not being accommodated.
@asherhunt your product looks pretty awesome! Would complement ours pretty nicely ;) We're focused on spontaneous travel from a flights perspective!
I used this last week when I was in LA and I LOVED the experience. My favorite part is that the hosts solicit you, not the other way around... really streamlines the discovery experience and makes it easy to find a place quickly.
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@guygal I second this! Such a good idea to reverse this and not spend so much time as a traveler making booking requests, then potentially waiting 24 hours to hear back.
classic low end disruption of an incumbent (airbnb). very smart concept
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We've hosted a couple of guests at our loft and the experience is amazing. Being mobile first and last minute lowers the planning overhead for both sides. Super stoked to be joining @asherhunt and team on the journey ahead.