Flexible co-living membership for $99/year


Outsite operates coliving/coworking spaces around the world. For just $99/year you can now access Outsite's global network from NYC to Hawaii (with more locations coming soon) at member's rates, as well as an active community and great perks!

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  • Jonathan Baillie Strong
    Jonathan Baillie StrongCommunity builder, podcasting geek

    Beautifully designed spaces - ideal for remote workers


    Needs to expand further abroad

    Fantastic concept for nomads - I stayed at the Outsite location in Venice Beach, LA and was blown away by how well the space was designed, complete with standup desks and surf boards one could borrow to take to the beach. I notice that the flex membership gives access to the Nomad List slack group in addition to all the discounts and perks as well, so it's a win win!

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  • Rodolphe Dutel
    Rodolphe DutelFounder Remotive.io prev. @Buffer

    Love the chilled yet professional vibes, a great way to meet like minded people in amazing locations - would totally recommend


    Open more locations in Europe ;)

    (Disclosure: I'm an advisor) I've seen Outsite evolve since 2015, today is last day of my month-long stay at their NYC location. I had a great experience, it fills a need that neither Hotels nor Airbnb could help me with - which is high hospitality AND community standards in amazing locations, go Outsite!

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  • Sammy Schuckert
    Sammy SchuckertCo-Founder & CEO @ thangs

    The best places for escaping your daily grind and networking with open-minded people from all around the globe. πŸ”πŸŒ…πŸπŸ˜»


    Would like to see new locations in Europe and Asia. πŸ—ΊπŸ™€

    I stumbled upon Outsite a year ago. Since then I stayed at the locations in Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe. The Outsite locations are the best places for escaping your daily grind and networking with open-minded people from all around the globe. I count my stays at Outsite locations to one of the best experiences I've had working abroad. This is why I can't wait until the end of this month when I'm finally staying at their new location in Hawaii! πŸ„ 🌴

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  • Pros:Β 

    Great location and interesting and friendly guests


    No locations in Europe.

    A frequent guest of Outsite at san diego and venice beach. A stay usually over delivers in terms of experience. A positive, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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  • Mehdi Djabri
    Mehdi DjabriCo-founder, Jogabo

    Great culture, very nice locations and facilities, cool team


    Add more locations

    We used Outsite for a team retreat in Santa Cruz. Everyone had a great time and came back with very nice memories. The culture is very friendly and open-minded and you get to mingle and do fun activities with very interesting and diverse people. The Outsite team seems to really love what they do and it shows; they will do the extra mile to offer the best experience. Great time, great stories, looking forward to do it again!

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  • Tony Bruno Bologna
    Tony Bruno BolognaFull Stack Architect

    Location, Location


    Not really so much different than AirBnB/HomeAway/Others

    The idea is noble and looks like it would be something that only a specific market would consider. Being a digital nomad, there's not only 1 night involved, but can be one or two months at least involved, making this expensive. The service IMO it's like HomeAway except that you brand the experience around the idea of co-working alone or with other people in the house. So my question is this:

    What stops AirBnB/HomeAway to offer the same experience on their platform, which given a few adjustments on their end, they could potentially do the same, except they would not charge a per year exclusivity fee, and prices are roughly the same on houses, plus you have more options?

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  • Thalida Noel
    Thalida NoelSenior Software Engineer @Etsy

    The Tahoe location was beautiful. I was able to complete my remote work, and at the end of the day hike the trails near the house.


    Sound echoes w/ the open floor plan, so I had to step outside for conference calls.

    I've been on the search for something like Outsite for a while. I honestly thought it was too good to be true, and was very pleasantly surprised. I def want to visit the other locations and see if they are also as wonderful.

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  • Christian Meisser
    Christian MeisserCEO & Founder, LEXR

    Great community, very beautiful locations


    Looking forward to EU locations!

    I have stayed with Outsite many times for the consistent experience they provide: Focused work environment with great options for socializing and outdoor sports if you feel like it

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  • Pros:Β 

    Great people, beautiful properties and a driven team


    More locations!

    Outsite is an amazing service for remote workers and travelers alike. Unlike other coliving/cotravel options, Outsite is more flexible and allows you to live your own life and visit their locations on your time. Also they have a curated community of awesome people!

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  • Pam Pam Cat
    Pam Pam CatMarketing Entertainment Translator FR/US

    Amazing proprety and crowd


    not for non-nomadic crowd

    I have stayed multiple days/times in 2 places in California so far : Venice, Santa Cruz. They both were the perfect combination of work / social activities / great housing / outdoor scenery

    As a Digital Nomad, I go to a place where I can work in peace, but have people to hang out with and feed my curiosity. It's an mature/adult place with fun and amazing people and beautiful places to discover. I am a big fan and will continue to stay at Outsite places. I feel like the Outsite concept has grasped very well what the professional + nomadic + freelance lifestyle is all about.

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  • Pros:Β 

    The design of the spaces is good. Very close to the L train (although it's due to close soon). Guests all interesting and fun..


    NYC space- needs to be cleaned more often,

    Only tried the Brooklyn property and this review is from a one week experience.

    Overall the concept is great, the spaces are nice, the people staying here are great. We possibly got here in a bad week but in any case a few tweaks and the experience could be amazing.

    Some people come here for just 3 days and other for a few months, and many of the people spend most of their day working from here, meaning it's more like a hybrid hotel/co-working space so everything should be cleaned much more regularly, since some people may potentially never see the place clean.

    We arrived to filthy towels in all the bathrooms.

    Showers blocked up/didn't drain.

    Found eggs in the fridge that were 2 1/2 months old. The fridge looks like it hadn't been cleaned in months.

    We were one towel short and it took a couple of days to get one.

    If someone has to come in to clean a guests room it would seem to me to be smart to clean the bathrooms and Kitchen while they are here so that new guests see a clean space when they start (first impressions matter).

    All the issues were communicated to Outsite (one of them was living here) and they had no real response except to say that the cleaners come once a week, ask other guests and the community manager has left...If you are going to have an Outsite person staying here they need to show off the values of the brand by being social, engage with the guests maybe even take the opportunity to check on the experience.

    There is supposed to be a community manager, we missed out on that since there wasn't one when we arrived and whilst someone was hired it was at the very end of our stay.

    This property is not exclusive to Outsite members (when we were here only one other guest was a member). Also turns out people booking via Airbnb can get more or less the same prices as a member which was disappointing. Plus they can book the room with a months notice.

    (We've tried to book multiple times and it's always been booked out for the dates we wanted ...now we know why), perhaps better to fill the spaces with member offers first and then have last minute availability on Airbnb.

    The people staying here are all very nice and friendly (no matter how they booked) which tells me the vetting process isn't needed.

    So overall, the concept is good, there is a need for something like this, but the execution falls short of what it should be to really be a great brand. When things go wrong it's so much better to be friendly, proactive and maybe even a little apologetic with a few statement like "we are working hard to sort things out" , would make a difference and buy them some consideration.

    The majority of people staying here would/should be members but I suspect they constantly miss that opportunity to convert people.

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  • Marc Perry
    Marc PerryCEO - BuiltLean

    Beautiful space, great location, cool people


    Availability can be tough sometimes

    After staying in Outsite San Diego for the least couple of weeks, I'm really blown away by how nice it is. I had reservations about co-living because I usually prefer to have my own place, but the way the house is set up, it doesn't feel crowded at all. The people who I've met are mature and have their sh*t together, so it's an economical way to stay in a really nice place, have a great place to work, and stay social effortlessly.

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  • Michelle Zaffino
    Michelle ZaffinoFounder & Author, Book Discovery

    The Flexibility, Great Spaces in Amazing Locations, Fabulous People


    Encourange more female entrepreneurs to stay - maybe do a promo?

    I started using Outsite last May and have really loved going to their coworking locations. I get just as much work done there as I do in the city, plus they have new and interesting spaces for me to shoot videos (I do an On Storytelling vlog for aspiring writers), and a whiteboard for me to brainstorm new product features. I've been a virtual worker for 10+ years and am so glad to finally see companies giving us new offerings to support this lifestyle. Highly recommend.

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  • Tim Van Ransbeeck
    Tim Van Ransbeeckmanaging director antwerp factory

    great experience on multiple locations. Also great for group retreats!


    didn't try any alternative

    With our digital team (antwerpfactory.com) we resided at Encinitas & Venice Beach. Both locations we're awesome!

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  • Agu De Marco
    Agu De MarcoCEO of Wideo

    Great atmosphere, facilities and locations!


    No private bathroom.

    I went 2 weeks to the amazing house the have in Santa Cruz.

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