Outsite Membership 2.0

The ultimate membership for nomads.

A global network of coliving/coworking spaces, a connected community, and curated services designed to make location flexible living easier.

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22 Reviews5.0/5
Along with growing our network to 18 coliving spaces in total, and 500 Members across the world, we’ve decided to further increase the value beyond our properties! Members now have access to super cool perks they can access anywhere - fitness, travel insurance, accounting services, everything you need as a digital nomad. They also have free consults with a network of experts in some of the most popular industries, including crypto and social media, and we’ve added a reward system - so now when Members stay with Outsite, they’ll earn credits for their next booking.
@manuthan I don't see anything about fitness on the website description?? Fitness and affordability is exactly why I don't work on the road as much as I want to, so this would solve all my problems.
@_pseudohipster Our members get 40% off Freeletics.com
Early user of the service and I have always been pleased with it. I recently became a member as I started to travel around the world and needed flexible places to live. It's been pretty amazing. I was just in Bali and being able to land in a community of like minded people, with a fully functional office space was key. Heading back in a few days and then I will be living in their SF house soon.

Outsite has the most beautiful and great managed co-working & co-living spaces I have been to around the globe + an awesome community!


Even if you only do a couple of stays per year, it pays for itself. Great community of entrepreneurs and open-minded people.



I can vouch for the Lisbon space. Spent a whole month there and it was lit.
@ggeorgiev Thank you! Returning in 2019?
I'm excited to see Outsite's full membership being launched. Imagine a black card for the location flexible professional. What's included? Exclusive member rates on coliving spaces around the world, curated travel services for the location independent lifestyle, and immediate access to a global community of remote workers. Pretty awesome. Plus, they are giving a special offer for the cat-loving PH community: $50 off on the membership price. Enter promo code 'PH2019'. Valid until February 3rd.