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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is very well done. Let me start off with a question. A small bit of feedback: maybe the title should optional for reactions to decrease the amount of effort needed to reply. It doesn't feel necessary.
Green Bean
Green BeanMaker@greenbeandou · Developer
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, Thanks for the feedback! We're not exactly sure what the medium is, e.g. is it short-form audio? short-form audio with text descriptions? does it matter? In other words, you may be right! I was considering this comment while recording my response to your music question (I'm the rap fan) and I was thinking: "good thing I can write out Ταφ Λαθος or you'd never be able to find his tunes". I realize your point was about it being *optional* though. Maybe once we get more content we'll know more about how people use the title field and make a decision from there. Thanks again! Nick and Ann
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
interesting. just heard of RAUR, which is working on meerkat for audio - www.raur.co/ w/ the rise of podcasts, will be interesting to see what other audio forms will emerge
Green Bean
Green BeanMaker@greenbeandou · Developer
@eriktorenberg Hi Erik, thanks for the heads up about Raur! It seems pretty interesting, the biggest difference as far as I can tell is the time limit. But we'll definitely poke around more. Nick
Kevin Kliman
Kevin Kliman@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
@eriktorenberg thanks for the shoutout. @greenbeandou really dig the design. Its really early in the game for user generated audio. I dont think our products can be compared more than from a very high level. For me it would be like comparing Vine to Vimeo, they're just very different in consumption, creation, and discovery.
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.@leasemolina · Tech & music for life. Boring Attorney.
Love it!
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
This is really odd, but some some reason I quite like it. I agree that the medium isn't exactly clear, but it's just quirky enough for me to want to play around with and find out.
Kartik Parija
Kartik Parija@kartikparija · Cofounder @AdoriLabs, Reimagining Audio
This is really interesting. Am going to play with this and Raur. @greenbeandou @raur Our work at @adorilabs is focused on making audio a far more interactive experience. So the rise of user generated audio (go podcasts!) is of deep interest to us. Would love to connect with you at the right time and exchange notes. Where you based? SF? Thanks @rrhoover and @eriktorenberg You guys are audio champions (tweets about what you are listening to, rap battles (!), PH Radio...its awesome) 💥👊📢👂👏