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I've been eager to reboot the Product Hunt Radio podcast but it's too much of a time suck (record, edit, upload, publish, promote, etc.). Nice move, Anchor. I'll try this out. 🗣
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@rrhoover those were gold! @eriktorenberg and you crushed it! Here's one of my favs: https://soundcloud.com/product-h...
@eriktorenberg @tomfme classic @jason, recorded at the old Mint Plaza office 😊
@rrhoover dude! I want to help with the PH podcast. Check out Work Smart to get a sense for my podcasting chops and let me know if you're game to explore 😁 - would be fun! https://m.soundcloud.com/worksmart
Hi, Product Hunt! Since we launched Anchor 2.0 right here on Product Hunt back in March, we’ve witnessed so much awesome audio being created on the platform. Whether our creators are capturing voice, taking call-ins from listeners, conducting remote interviews with anyone, or broadcasting full length songs from from Apple Music or Spotify, it’s been incredibly exciting to see how creative people have gotten with our new tools. However, one of the biggest things we hear from people all the time is that they want to take their Anchor audio and turn it into a podcast. With today’s release, we’re making that possible. Not only can you now turn your Anchor station into a permanent episode with a single tap, but you can also immediately distribute your episodes as a podcast on all major podcast providers. The entire experience happens on your phone, so all you have to focus on is creating audio. Anchor handles all the rest. We really wanted to make this the easiest way to create and share a podcast, and we *think* we’ve accomplished that. So if you’ve ever wanted to make a podcast, but didn’t want to deal with the technical hurdles or inconvenience of having to host and submit RSS feeds, this update is for you. I’ll be here answering questions all day. Thanks for trying Anchor!
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hey @mignano - OMG this is awesome, was on our Anchor feature wishlist from the very beginning, thanks for building this out!
@mignano How much vendor lockin is there on the platform? Is it possible to use Anchor as a podcast host today, knowing there's a backup option to switch away if things don't work out?
What it says in the title.... simple way to make a podcast from your phone. BIG from Anchor, I'll let the team take over! https://medium.com/@anchor/ancho...
As an existing podcaster and recent Anchor host I am very excited about this. To @rrrhoover point as easy as podcasting has gotten over years it is still a lot of work, and this will make it so much simpler!
@rrrhoover @thesiskar Thanks Kevin! Glad you are enjoying the platform!