One-Minute Anxiety Helper

Digital coach to help in moments of stress and anxiety

The One-Minute Anxiety Helper guides people in moments of panic, stress and anxiety. It includes easy exercises, such as meditations, mindfulness and CBT techniques. The goal is simple: When you leave the site, you should feel a little better than before.
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15 Reviews5.0/5
Really like the simplicity of it! Good job :)
@anna_potocnik Thanks Anna! Good to hear you like it
Wonderful app, it almost feels like a real person is helping you. It has helped me several times during stressful moments! Great work.
@bohryb Awesome to hear, thanks for your comment!
Love this website and app. Really nice to feel there is someone there to help and offers great tips . Exercises are great too, something there for everyone
@strongertoget Awesome comment, thank you!
Really good tips and offers very relaxing step by step plans to calm down :)
@tearsofasupport Thanks for your support :)