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Ben here, founder @ Onboard Tips. Couple of brief points on the product: - We built and launched the product in just 1 week! Just to see if we could :) - As a result, the feature set is intentionally lean and focused (but we have big ideas for where we can take it) - The idea was born from a frustration at having to create tutorial / guidance tips from scratch whenever we launched a new product - We wanted to be able to track views, clicks, exit and bounce rates so that we could intelligently tweak the messages we were showing in our tips over time - We didn’t like any of the ‘Tip’ libraries or products out there both in terms of aesthetics or functionality - We believe that over time, tips like these can become super flexible and rich in content (think knowledge bases, inline videos, FAQ’s, commenting etc) - Most importantly, we wanted to create a tool that would help strike a meaningful conversation with new sign-ups to help them with onboarding and ultimately, activation - We REALLY hope you like what we’ve created. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at what we’ve created. It means a lot. I’m here all day to answer any questions! Ben Founder at Onboard Tips
@bendell Looks great Benjamin! Love the price point too. Much more reasonable than similar services I've seen in the past, and embedding rich media in the tips is a great feature. Question: Would it be possible to build something similar for iOS/Android? It wouldn't have to be exactly the same, but being able to display on-screen modals and tips on native mobile apps, based on things like the first time the user has seen the view, would be amazing!
@imakestrides @bendell Hey Kyle. Thanks for the kind words and in particular your comments about the pricing. We've thought hard to try and get the pricing right. Yes creating a version of this for Android / iOS is definitely in the pipeline. We have to get the core product right first (which it basically is but i'm sure we'll need to refine / pivot slightly over the coming months).
@bendell Awesome! Sounds like this will be the perfect balance we've been looking for then! Excited to check it out, and looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Best of luck!
@imakestrides @bendell Thanks Kyle. Massively appreciate that. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you find it's missing a feature that you would like. We're actively seeking pivots! :)
Wow, for a 1 week build that's a beautiful landing page and a neat solution. Top work 👍
@fredrivett OK you definitely get a vote for that comment :) YAY! Thanks, very kind of you to say so.
@bendell @fredrivett Haha, as a designer beautiful landing pages grab my attention 1000% more 😁
@fredrivett Couldn't agree more. For me, this is where MVP's sometimes fall down. Sure, get the basic functionality right for the initial market, but if you are left with a poorly thought out design and UX you're not doing it right.
You guys built this in a WEEK? Hot dang! And I'll admit that it's beautifully implemented too...loved the complete lack of coupon-code copy-pastery. Nicely done gents! I'm fairly keen to try out the rich media in the tips...that should add a hitherto unexplored facet to onboarding tip libraries. Also, you may want to show us how the Startup plan looks with the OT branding...
@avinashdsouza Cheers Avinash. Really appreciate the kind words! Do keep in touch as you explore the functionality, i'd love to hear any feedback you might have. And yes, good point re: showing the branding part. I'll make a note about that.
@bendell I'm going to jump on the beautiful design bandwagon - the solution looks great! Awesome job getting that built in a week +1
@jamesq Thanks James! You're making us blush :)
Really cool, can't believe you built in a week either!
@amitch5903 Thanks Alex. Neither can we to be honest... we all had a good sleep after the week was done!