Old Sport

Curated cocktails based on what’s in your home bar

#2 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2015
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@addison and I have been working on Old Sport for the past few months in our free time. He did the design and I did the engineering. We are both passionate about good cocktails and wanted to make a great cocktail app to help people get started. There are several really great cocktail apps out there, but we thought we could make something that simply answered the question "what can I make with what I have?" Simply enter the ingredients you have and we'll show you drinks you can make with those ingredients. I'd love to answer any questions about Old Sport or how we made it.
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@soffes nice! Where do the recipes come from?
@chrismessina sourced by me and @addison. More coming soon from interesting sources ;)
This looks great @soffes, just downloaded it. Does it also tell me that one ingredient, such as a lime, that if I buy, I'll be able to have a lot more recipe options?
Great work @soffes ! Downloading right now. Killer feature for me is to start with what I have in my fridge instead of browsing every cocktail and not having a clue which one I can make!
@allaire Thanks! Hopefully there's something you can already make :)
Definitely seems like a cool idea! I'm curious where the recipe/ingredient lists come from though. The app seems to be missing ingredients like tonic water and light rum. It would also be nice to see a complete list of recipes regardless of how many ingredients you're missing.
This was great. It correctly identified that I can make Manhattans and literally nothing else given what I have. Just have someone take a gander at your recipes - you don't mix with the cherry, which is what your Manhattan recipe suggests (I know you have it as a garnish, but you also have it as an ingredient). I would love to see you automatically be able to populate an Amazon cart with the missing ingredients. I really do need some lime juice.
Nice. Great concept. Wish someone would make an easy one for dinner as well then robots could tell me what to do all the time. After entering all my ingredients the transition to seeing the recipes wasn't totally clear. Perhaps some other more prominent "Save or Done" button /would help but all in all it's very nice. Will try it out this evening when the in laws arrive 😄 as much for them as me !!
@duanewilsonsf Hah. Ya a food one would be great. I have no idea when it comes to cooking :) Thanks for the feedback. We'll work on the onboarding flow more in coming updates!