Octobat for GoCardless

VAT compliance and billing automation, now with GoCardless

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Hey hunters! Exciting news, Octobat now integrates with GoCardless (Direct Debit), letting you automate VAT calculation+Invoicing. Super useful especially in Europe :)
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Hello hunters, Let me explain why we decided to integrate with GoCardless; Direct Debit is in term of churn reduction a great payment method for recurring business models. It makes also sure you won’t chase payments anymore by charging your customers on a specific date directly from their accounts. A really nice thing when doing business! So... we’re now ready for GoCardless users! You will be able to fully automate VAT calculation, invoicing, filing of VAT reports… More generally we help you create your app billing infrastructure and bring it to the next level, in terms of compliance, scalability and ease of accounting. We just created a special coupon for the lovers, 30% off for the first 3 months on all plans - available 14 days from now on -. Coupon: OCTOBATLOVESPH GoCardless is also sending you some love, take advantage of their offer today: GoCardless Plus: Get 50% off, 25€/month for 12 months instead of 50€ GoCardless Pro: Get 60% off, 100€ /month for 12 months instead of 250€ Email Boris ou Henri (boris@gocardless.com or henri@gocadless.com) from Product Hunt until the 16th of march 2017 to benefit from it. We will be there all day long to answer any question, enjoy your tour! Merci
How do you guys solve the VAT MOSS issue? Can you be more explicit about it?
@aloysius_tim: Thanks for you question, very useful: We collect tax evidence upon each Stripe / GoCardless payment, to determine accurately international tax laws and VAT rate that applies to the given transaction. Octobat detection mechanism rely on: - Customer EU VAT Number - Customer billing address - Payment mode that has been used for transaction (IBAN, Credit Card number) - IP address As PSP gives us thx tax-included amount of each transaction, we can compute how much is revenue and how much is VAT, and where and when it should be declared. We then generate automatically VAT MOSS reports that consist in declaring how much revenue and how much VAT have been collected for each country by period. Example: https://ph-files.imgix.net/8a530... You can also note that we support multi-currency and accurate exchange rates based on EU legislation.
Using Octobat for almost 2 years now. Amazing product, simple UI and great support!
@genesobolev Thanks for your support! :)
Fantastic job @daiquiri @romprev @guypied 👍🏻 thanks @dessaigne