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Love how experimental NYT is, and kudos on the landing page how-to:
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@rrhoover yes that demo is fun and informative. Would be great if they added one to their paper delivery. However I have to assume the existing delivery paper customer may not be the VR phone futurist.
@jmacias @rrhoover Good idea! NYT is sending a Google Cardboard viewer to over 1 million print subscribers this weekend.
@brianrose good work. Keep it up.
Seems like another win for Google Cardboard. I have come across more content creating brands suggesting and using G Cardboard instead of solving for the viewer themselves.
Agree Ryan, Impressive to see NYT getting in on this so early!
I bought Google Cardboard a few months ago to try it and was pretty impressed, but this from the NYT is really something incredible. I highly recommend it.
Wow. Just saw the full-page spread in the New York Times and gave it a shot. I have never had a virtual reality experience in such a life-like way. This proves the potential of virtual reality.