NPR One for Alexa

News + personalized flow of thoughtfully curated stories

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I know. You're thinking "I can already get NPR on the Alexa" through the flash briefing or asking for a podcast. This is different -- and better! The NPR One experience on Alexa brings the full might of the NPR One platform: - critically acclaimed, audio-first stories - a national/local mix - alongside programs from smart media publishers like Buzzfeed, Gimlet, and Refinery29 - a personalized stream of stories and shows - served up by an editorially responsible algorithm - a listener-focused user experience that's adapted and simplified for Alexa Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments.
@hahoais_ omg I've wanted this SOOO badly!!
@hahoais_ sadly, can't link my account in mobile Safari: "Account linking requires pop ups to be allowed for"
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! Try linking from the Alexa app?
@hahoais_ that worked, thanks! Here's a feature request: once I've linked my account, show what's being/been played in the native iOS app. If I'm already listening on Alexa, the NPR One iOS app shouldn't start autoplaying when I launch it... instead I want to be able to mark things as interesting or share them from the companion iOS app.
Curation is someone personal opinion on relevant news.... Better to scan or skip news headlines, rather than be feed someone's intended curation.