Notebook for Mac

The beautifully simple note-taking app from Zoho. Now on Mac

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Notebook for Mac is a native note-taking application that lets you take text and audio notes, create checklists, and add photos. Notebook stands out with its dedicated note cards, which give you pre-formatted templates. At the same time, text cards are flexible enough to add all of the above into one note. Also, Notebook provides lots of customization options. You're given about two dozen hand-drawn notebook covers to choose from, as well as the option to create your own. You can color coordinate notes, again, by using default colors or creating your own. Notebook's use of gestures add a nice touch. You can navigate the entire app with gestures alone; if you have a trackpad you never have to click. For example, you can hover over a notebook or note and pinch to open and close notes and notebooks; or, with two finger swipe, you can see more information, lock, or delete a note or notebook. Lastly, Notebook for Mac uses Touch Bar throughout the app as contextual shortcuts. You can create notes, notebooks, change notebook covers, note colors and more, all from the Touch Bar.
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love the app .. just the icon design is a real deal breaker for me..
@shtooova Icon design not a deal breaker for me but it's definitely an average design
@shtooova deal breaker!? Lol
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@shtooova "icon design"? dealbreaker? lolol
@keirabui lol!!! Sorry I meant logo design ... Doesn't keep me running back
@shtooova I recently downloaded the app for my Apple Watch so I could take a note on my watch, and it's also on the phone. I found the app really beautiful on the inside, and I also found the icon rather average for such a beautiful app on the inside.
Wow I love the look. Very elegant and clean. I love how it is already accessible across all devices. I would recommend this to anyone switching from Evernote.
@gabriel__lewis Thanks, we're glad you like it.
I would kill for: - a markdown feature - selective screenshot taking with the chrome extension
@qewler @taylorbackman supporting markdown (& the hiding of the formatting bar) would be awesome. Would also be great to have the text editor full-screen rather than a pop-up view on top of the notebook view.
@skoerbitz @qewler Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your feedback. We'll look into these things. =]
I've tried out the iOS version a couple of months ago, and I thought it was a decent Evernote alternative. However, now that there's a desktop version as well, I'm interested in its exporting capabilities and am hoping it can do a sensible export to an open format I can import into another tool at least. I've just finished moving away from Evernote and I am not interested in getting stuck in a walled garden again.
@draganbabic I work on the Notebook team. We have a migration tool in beta right now. You're welcome to try it out if you'd like.
@taylorbackman @draganbabic Nice app! Same issue for me, I'd like to import all my existing notes. I use Apple Notes, would I then export those over to Evernote and use your migration tool or is there another workaround you'd recommend?