NonTechTech Beta

Community and mentorship for aspiring (non)techies

The NTT mission is simple - break down barriers in tech and help non-coders secure tech jobs.

With university finals out the way we're here to help students and recent grads break into tech regardless of their degree subject.

We offer:

Slack channel for instant advice

Mentors directory

Profiles of people working across different tech roles

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Hey everyone, We're so excited about launching NTT today! πŸ˜„ I'm always striving to make tech more inclusive and NTT is the latest step in that journey. Like many great friendships these days mine and @aaronoleary's started on Twitter. Over DMs we would rant about all the misconceptions people have about working in tech - that you need to be technical, that you need to know everything about software and hardware, that you need to have studied at Stanford, etc. We know there are so many talented people out there bored out of their minds in a mundane internship or job who could be a great asset in an exciting startup / tech company. But they probably aren't even considering working in tech because they don't know enough about it like what roles are out there and how to break in. The idea for NTT was born. We've been in private beta for the last five months and now we're going public. We want to help students, recent grads and other young professionals find fulfilling work across the tech sector. We believe its the best way to change the world. We want to ensure our future is better than our present and that can only happen with diverse people building the future together. TLDR: NTT is on a mission to break down barriers in tech and help people find fulfilling work in tech regardless of their coding skills. We do this through a Slack channel, mentorship directory and interviews with (non)techies. Please ask us questions, share feedback and support the mission by joining us today.
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@aaronoleary @abadesi Love the idea, guys - and great to see more people working on this issue. I studied Art History at university before getting into tech, so totally believe in the mission. Have joined the Slack channel πŸ˜€
@abadesi this is such a great idea! People often have the misconception that tech does not need marketeers, writers and other non-tech talent. I think, if there is a mind to learn, anybody can do anything! I absolutely love tech and am on the lookout for exciting roles in the field. However, all I see are shoutouts to developers! This will be super useful. Excited to check it out :) Best wishes! πŸ€—
@aaronoleary @jwoodb Yes I love that you're a techie with an Art History degree 🎨 thanks for getting involved!
@thedreamydryad Thanks for your support - tech needs amazing storytellers like you, too. Tech is for everyone, we just need to convince them 😊
@aaronoleary @abadesi This is so needed right now to create more access and pathways into tech!
Awesome to see this @abadesi! As a non-technical maker, it is super valuable to have a community of like-minded individuals to help with advice, tool recommendations, and even just moral support :) Also relevant to the topic - I just launched "Ryan Hoover is my homeboy" on PH with no code:
Love this! Big fan of resources like these for Non-techs! Will share this with the community! πŸ‘πŸ»
@thisdickie thanks for the support and for sharing πŸ™πŸ½
Non-technical jobs are definitely on the rise. With Google launching a course on Coursera for support positions. The world is definitely taking notice. Learning to write copy to communicate effectively when working remote is extremely important. Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr yes there are more and more non coding roles needed in tech everyday, thanks for your support πŸ˜„

Tight knight community of people who actually care to give thoughtful feedback. I have been involved with NTT for a few months now and have really enjoyed interacting with everybody on the platform, especially Abadesi. She is very passionate about diversity in tech, and takes initiative to make a difference.

Really happy to be part of this community!


Tight knight community of people who actually care to give thoughtful feedback


None so far