Nextsale 2.0

Creating a desire for your businesses and delivering value.

Nextsale 2.0 brings you:
- Add Nextsale to any kind of websites
- Improved campaign builder with even more customizations
- Advanced campaign analytics
- Option to customize your messages even more
- Use your data to for better personalization
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Hi Product Hunters 👋 Nextsale founder here. We originally came up with an idea of Nextsale through our own frustration of not having enough trust to buy something online, particularly from new websites. To achieve what we wanted, we needed to use a lot of different tools and have our data scattered across them. So after 6 months of development after the first version, we are really happy to share our progress with you since first launching at Product Hunt. We started as a Shopify app and now available for all custom websites. We impact more than 4,000 partners and established brand trust thereby increase website conversions rate up to 15% on average. We want to help marketers to build trust with their customers by personalizing on-page messages and providing social proof tools. It's easy to Install Nextsale pixel and installation will take a few simple steps, no coding knowledge required and you will have the full arsenal of our tools ready to use within minutes. Boosting sales & conversions should be just as easy! Nextsale is a tool to solve these issues. It is a simple way to raise brand trust by using Social Proof & Urgency tools. From single dashboard, you can add social proof notifications, promo bars and exit-intent popups. If you want to collect emails or phone numbers, we got you covered as well. What is in new version? We collect customers feedbacks’ and made Powerful dashboard, Advanced analytics, Goal tracking. And all of it with more customization. - Nextsale have All In One Dashboard 😱 Unlike the majority of competitors, we offer all features from one dashboard without limitations in number of active campaigns. - By choosing one of the paid plans, you get access to all tools such as advanced analytics and removable branding. Nextsale V2 brings customized on-page notifications These are three categories that we grouped for you according to the solutions you need: Generate leads Collect emails and phone numbers from your visitors. Create Social Proof Show website activity and previous customer orders. Create urgency Retain your visitors and promote offers. Additionally, we are really pleased to make the desired tools for our customers, based on their requests. PS: If free plan is not the right fit for you, we have 30% discount for our paid plans and 14-day free trial. Give a try Nextsale and increase your website conversions 😀
@talehkarimli How is it different from other social proof tools?
@usamanoman Thank you for your question. The main and the main difference between our products and others is the availability of detailed analytics and goal tracking. We just don't show the popup. We do this by watching our visitors. This adds value to the user. :)
We've been a fan, and users, since the first version of their platform. Definitely Shopify owners should give a try!
@enrikenur Thank you Enrike! Keep following us for updates.