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Discover newsletters via:
• 56 Topics (e.g. Art, Futurism, No-code, Productivity, Gen-Z)
• 17+ Curators (see what Erik Torenberg, Brianne Kimmel, Dan Shipper, & more read)
• and Featured Collections (e.g. women in venture, philosophy, wellness) updated weekly.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Co-creator’s Phil & Patty here. We both have day jobs as Designers and Product Managers, but love to learn new things at night. We started Newsletter Stack because newsletters are a staple in our content and learning diets. However, we found it difficult to discover new and interesting newsletters! With Newsletter Stack we set out to answer 3 questions: If I want to learn about a topic, what newsletters should I follow? 🧠 ↳ At Newsletter Stack, we group newsletters by 56 learning topics so you can easily nurture your curiosity. What newsletters are people reading? 🤓 ↳ Information is rampant, curation is not. We believe humans we admire are a great way to filter great content. Every newsletter in this directory is thoroughly vetted and approved by newsletters lovers like you. Where can I find the best independent writers? ✍️ ↳ Although there's a place for manicured newsletters from major news outlets in our content diets, we wanted to discover more independent writers. 90%+ of our listed newsletters are from individuals with unfiltered and fresh takes about the world around them. This is v1 so we’re open to any and all feedback! Thank you in advance and enjoy!
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wait this is amazing, thank you for building this
This is so awesome!
@_patriciamou you and Phil are amazing! This something that I have needed for soooo long!! Thank you!
@_patriciamou this is awesome thanks for building it. Looks like the marketing section has nothing and I would like to nominate my project it was voted in the #1 product a few days ago.
Well-needed and love the sleek interface ⚡️
Newsletter curation and discovery is one of the biggest problems facing readers and writers, and Newsletter Stack is the best solution I’ve seen. Plus, it’s just beautiful.
@packym Thanks so much Packy! Happy to feature you on the site :)
This is incredible -- I wish Substack had this! Thanks for building this!
@hwanghah_jeong1 We did too :) but we're big fans of Substack and happy to feature so many of their newsletters here...
This is one of the best things I've seen on PH recently. Congrats to @_patriciamou and @philhedayatnia on this launch!