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Fund life-changing houses for homeless families

#3 Product of the DayJune 09, 2015
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Hi - I'm Brett, one of the founders of New Story. New Story crowfunds homes for homeless families -- starting in Haiti. We believe that when you donate money to a cause, you should always know exactly who you're helping and where the money is going. That's why we built a fully transparent giving platform that shows you exactly who you're helping, where the money is going, and you get a video of the family you helped in their new home. We also use local construction vendors to help support the Haitian economy. We're launching "100 Homes in 100 Days" today and our goal is to get 100 homeless families away from life-threatening dangers as soon as possible. We'd love for the Product Hunt community to support the mission! Feel free to ask us any questions here.
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Love the idea of transparency and video storytelling, adds a level of comfort and gives something tangible to where my money goes.. plus the social sharing aspect (if I donated to a family, I'd want to share that video) can help spread the word. Kudos, I love seeing these types social good hunts on PH on occasion.
@lewis502 Thanks Lewis! My co-founders and I all had terrible donor experiences in the past (giving and never hearing about the impact of our donation) so we decided to take donors as close to the impact as possible. Maria Rose is a great example of this You can actually take a virutal tour inside a home on this page :)
@lewis502 here's a collection of social good products curated by @brandonjgeo.
@rrhoover @lewis502 They're now #3 on that list... see if we can get them to #2!
A non-profit in the YCS15 batch.
Love seeing a nonprofit org on Product Hunt! Really admire your mission and model!
@ashleymacq Thank you Ashley! :) We just launched a virtual tour of the tents families are moving out of and the homes they are moving into ->
Very nice project. I am myself a founder of a small NPO and agree that donating should be as transparent as possible. Glad to see non-commercial products on PH.
@johannesengl thanks for the kind words Johannes! #TransparencyToOurCore