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I uploaded my results from 23andMe to get the "Expanded" report -- every week I get new updates about my genome, and research studies and how they relate to me. I like that I can get more information without needing an additional test, and knowing that my data is secure and wont be shared without my permission. I highly recommend checking out their service if you want more than what 23andme offers. Cant wait for the 30x sequencing!

You can upload the .BAM file to for a very affordable and comprehensive report. The Promethease was extremely useful. While I would not recommend Nebula Genomics on it's own, I highly recommend using it to generate the file that can be used with Promethease.


The company produces a full genome map. It uses block chain technology to store the data securely. It costs less than other companies.


The reports on your DNA are not very comprehensive and are not useful.

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By far the most bang for your buck, and with the Library feature you at least get updated content every week. The Ancestry experience could be much better when compared to other services, but the overall pros you receive from their WGS outweigh the cons when comparing Nebula to other services. Recommended for anyone who truly wants to learn more about their DNA and not be spoon fed info.
Having your DNA tested gives you back a lot of raw data, no matter who you pay to do it. For me, the support is where you win or lose. I honestly cannot see how anyone could lose with Nebula Genomics. Either they treat me in an unusual way (over the top support), or they have a service oriented philosophy that drives who they are. I have to say that I’m a nobody. There is no reason for them to treat me special. The data integrity was solid. Data retrieval has been perfect and I love my Nebula library so much better than anything I ever got from 23andMe. I wanted as much of my data that I could get. I wanted as much control as I could have. I hoped for help when I needed it. I got all three when I signed up for Nebula Genomics’s sequencing. There is no way I could explain how Nebula impacted my life. Made significant changes in my life based on the data from them. Those changes led to a completely new life for me.
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Had an amazing experience - this is a SIGNIFICANT improvement from my 23andme experience. Kudos to the team. Very impressed.
better customer service that can do effective communication and try a tiny bit harder to satisty customer request like including name on receipt
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