Nebula Genomics

Contribute to medical breakthroughs and get rewarded

Understand your genome. Help cure diseases. Own your data. Powered by blockchain.

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*deep breath* YEEEEEEEEEEES Just yes. @razkarmi @nebulagenomics
I'm excited about this for two reasons: 1. It gives you more control over data that's extremely personal — your DNA. 2. The DNA sequencing kit is direct to consumer, making participating in medical research an easily accessible option.
I found it exciting until I saw "nebula token". Why do you need your own token for such a product and what is its aim and mechanism? I found no information on the website related to it.

You can upload the .BAM file to for a very affordable and comprehensive report. The Promethease was extremely useful. While I would not recommend Nebula Genomics on it's own, I highly recommend using it to generate the file that can be used with Promethease.


The company produces a full genome map. It uses block chain technology to store the data securely. It costs less than other companies.


The reports on your DNA are not very comprehensive and are not useful.