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Personalized list of the best-fit investors for your startup

Navigator investor search scans the global Crunchbase database of VCs and angels, and rank orders the ones which are most likely to invest in you based on what they've invested in previously. Cut down on hours of research through dozens of databases.
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Hello Product Hunt, We are very excited to present our investor Search feature on - as a special offer we have a 50% discount for Product Hunters - just use the code IN50. We have a pretty powerful free tier as well. The problem we are addressing: as any founder can attest, fundraising is hugely painful and time intensive. Our aim is to help founders spend less time, be more efficient, and focus on value-add activities so you have a higher likelihood of success and can focus on the core business of running a startup. Search on Navigator exists so you can spend less time combing through databases of investors, researching each one to see if you fit their general criteria before you try and connect to them, and trying to prioritise the top ones based on how good a fit you are. Instead, our Search feature scans previous investment activity to predict an investor’s criteria. We weight recency of those investments, as well as geographic, sector or category focus. We then rank the results in order of best fit. This is the first feature from Navigator to be launched on Product Hunt, and we have more in the pipeline as well. You can currently also have a look at: Track (preview): Our visual investor CRM tool helps you manage your investor outreach, ensuring that no crucial conversations slip through the cracks. Fundraising has enough moving parts as it is, so best to stay organised. Track is in preview at the moment with basic features available to users. But we will be releasing lots of exciting things in the near future. Assess: Get expert feedback on your overall investor proposition from our team of assessors, along with an objective rating/score indicating your investment readiness level. Over 80% of top-scoring startups go on to raise funding successfully so the score and report can be a strong signal for you to see where you stand. Assess helps you get into the best possible shape to complete your fundraising round.
As a company that is fundraising this looks like an excellent (and much needed) tool. I have a few questions: 1) How does the investor matching model work? 2) Which countries have the best coverage of investors? 3) We're based in NA and I noticed in the onboarding that you ask for revenue in pounds but raise amount in dollars? Thanks!
@mcaers thanks for your questions To answer them: 1) The model ranks investors for you based on what they've invested in previously, scanning all available data in Crunchbase. We look at whether they have category or geography focus, or whether they are broad in their previous investment activity. We account for whether they get involved in round sizes like yours. And we also rank according to recency to account for whether their focus might have evolved. We have more info on that here: 2) The US has the best coverage, so you will see a large proportion of US-based investors in your results (though we of course account for whether they have a specific geographic focus). Top 10 countries in order are USA, UK, China, India, Canada, Germany, France, Israel and Spain. 3) Good point! We've been UK focused up until recently so that's a bit of a legacy item :) Thanks again - let us know if you have any more questions.
I work with founders on a day-to-day basis and meeting the right investors is a HUGE problem they face - especially in the early days. This is a much needed solution that will set them off on the right foot and enable them to spend more time building/growing their company. Awesome work guys!! Q - how will the filter system work and how granular can people go when searching for investors?
@hustletofame Thanks for the question and feedback Amanda! Currently our Search returns the top 500 results based on the parameters you set. You can then drill down from those 500 results to focus on types of investors, or where they are based. However, if in your top 500 results there are only say 2 angel investors, you will only have those two results when you filter down. However, we are planning to update the Search soon so that you will be able to set the parameters before the search so that it only returns those filtered items. So you can say show me the top fitting angel investors based in the UK for example. Let me know if that answers your question!

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Great tool with a great team behind the product! Super useful and great ui!



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