Naked Economics

A book about economics that won’t put you to sleep

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The framing reminds me of one of my favorite books, Freakonomics.
This looks great. Economics is a topic I've wanted to read up on for a while, but I've never found an access point that isn't horrifically dull. This looks like the perfect introduction, will definitely check it out.
@fredrivett I was lucky to have a great professor at University who made it interesting. Its actually really fun when presented in the right way. Unfortunately later classes weren't able to hold my interest.
@plurnt I totally agree that the topic itself is interesting, it's just often presented in such a dull way. Glad to hear at least one of your tutors brought it to life!
Read this in AP Macroeconomics in high school. Our teacher left our textbooks on the shelf and passed out copies of this instead. Phenomenal teach, phenomenal class, phenomenal book. Engaging and fun to read, and if it can get a bunch of teenagers AP credit then you know the content is good.
Really enjoyed this book. Great for reviewing what I learned years ago in my econ classes.